AMD deal for 'Xbox 720' makes sense for backwards compatibility

GeeZee: AMD's proposed deal for the 'Xbox 720' makes sense for backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games.

AMD/ATI has reportedly already won a deal to produce the GPU on Microsoft's Project Phoenix; otherwise the next Xbox console from Microsoft. Some have coined it the Xbox 720.

Fudzilla is reporting that AMD/ATI has been tasked to create the graphics processor for the next-generation Xbox, showing that Microsoft was very happy with the Xbox 360's Xenos GPU. The console is expected to hit in 2012.

But the AMD deal doesn't only make sense because Microsoft is happy with their current GPU, it also make sense for backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games...

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Nihilism3600d ago

"We previously revealed that Xbox developers had tested Xbox 360 games running on Project Phoenix's proposed technical specs, where they found they could increase AA (anti-aliasing), AF (anastropic filtering), framerate and general improve performance. "

you damn well want to for a new console, what about res??, why don't they push 1080p as a new standard, i'm sure alot of people would trade a few frames per second for awesome picture quality

dragonelite3600d ago

They think people still havent adopt the hd tv enough yet and they are right last year they were surprised that only 54% off the players in Geow franchise used a hd tv.

uie4rhig3600d ago

how about 2160p? :/ lol

TOO PAWNED3600d ago

If this date is correct 2012, than that means they are already working on games, they have to since new tech/engine can take 3-4 years to get up and running.
Shame i want this gen to last longer, at least 2013

lowcarb3600d ago

That's a crazy year to release anything with all the end of the world talk going on.I really hope MS takes there time creating it this time around.

darthv723600d ago

2012 would be about right. Think of it like this. The end of the world happens (or something like that) but mankind manages to still survive. What better to rise from the ashes than the "Phoenix" console from MS.

Actually, that last part was just for fun (in case anybody wasnt paying attention).

Oddly though I like how the proposed name of the project reminds me of Sega's code name for their 'rumored' console project. The name would seem fitting for a Sega system but not for MS. Genesis lived up to its name as it was a new beginning in gaming (16bit). Phoenix was/is supposed to be the rebirth of sega in the console market.

Maybe sega and MS are working together again with this project? All wishful thinking I guess.

somerandomdude3600d ago

is the 360 reaching the end of its life-cycle already?

DeadlyFire3598d ago

I believe that at least 2 new consoles will be announced for E3 2010. Also with all the Streaming services coming along for 2010/2011/2012 launch. Many of them are going to show off at E3 as well and a couple might have secret deals with the console makers.

Xbox 720 is likely going to sport DirectX 11.x or something to that extent. I think it will work out well for Microsoft to have ATI behind them again.

PS4 and Wii 2 have options on the table. There is Intel, NVIDIA, and Caustic Graphics on the table. ATI is also there, but its not likely they will give any other platform a high end chip.

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Robearboy3600d ago

As much as i love my xbox 360 i cant help but wonder what effect the RROD debacle will have on the first wave of buyers for the next xbox. I think MS should give a money back guarentee warrenty just for peice of mind

dangert123600d ago

Or They Will End Up In Court
Personally I Exspect Microsft
Well Have The Best ''Console' Next Gen
Because They Have The PC And Its The Best Form Gaming
And Other Sorts Of Media Entertainment
I Think With The 360 They Just Wanted To Give You A Fraction Of A
PC So It Would Still Be Counted As A Console
But Ps3 Showed That It Don't Matter It Microsoft
To Be Running Things Unless Sony Work Along Side Apple or linux lol joke But You Know Where Im Gettin

techie3600d ago

Doubt it will have any effect at all.

Nihilism3600d ago

snap the caps lock and shift key from your keyboard right now, you are unaware of their purpose

Tony P3600d ago

RROD won't hurt the next Xbox. It barely hurt 360.

snipermk03600d ago

are you kidding me? So I guess the 50%+ failure rate was supposed to be a practical joke?

techie3600d ago

No, just don't think Xbox fanboys who purchase it at launch will care.

ceedubya93600d ago

You know, I'm probably going to buy the next xbox on release. Same goes for the next Playstation, and so forth. I always do.

I'm not worried about the next console's reliability. Microsoft has only had two consoles, and only one (the 360) has had major issues. I highly doubt they will make the same mistake twice. They can't afford to.

PS2 had its issues, but I still ran out and got a PS3 early. Sony obviously made sure that they didn't repeat previous problems, as the PS3 is very well-built.

glennc3600d ago

i prefer Xbox 360 games so will buy the next xbox (and i prefer the controller). has nothing to do with the console hardware and like ceedubya9 says, the PS2 had major problems, class action lawsuit problems, and that hasn't effected the PS3 sales.

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MetalGearRising3600d ago

Next Gen begins when Microsoft says it begins. Sony is irrelevant they have no say because they are LAST in the console war. Nintendo not worth mentioning.

Droid Control3600d ago

My 360 red rings every 6 months-a yr and i'm looking forward to next gen graphics, and full 360 backwards compatibility.

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