Polyphony want to take GT5 "beyond gamer expectations"

ConnectedConsoles: Many people were disappointed when they heard that Gran Turismo 5 would be first released in Japan next year. Now, Polyphony Digital Head Kazunori Yamauchi has said that they could release the game "any time we want". The reason this hasn't happened however, is because Polyphony Digital want to take the game "beyond gamer expectations."

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BabyStomper50003594d ago

If only more devs thought this way.... well I guess we would only have like 5 games to play this gen lol.

Madusha3594d ago

"beyond gamer expectations"

Really wish they do that. My expectations are good graphics, we've already seen Polyphony achieving this, now they have to take it to the NEXT LEVEL.

Hellsvacancy3594d ago

How r u supposed 2 take a racin sim 2 the next level? wot ya gonna do give the car wings?

Gt5 looks insane, i find it REALLY hard 2 belive that Polyphony or even any other developer can make a racin sim look any better then Gt5, that wont happent till Gt6

ABizzel13594d ago

Nowadays you kind of have to throw everything under the sink in to have your game compete. $60 for a single player only game doesn't cut it anymore unless that game is at least 12 hours in length which is still a hard buy. If a game is good it's going to sell, but if a game is good and has longevity then it's going to sell even more, so take your time.

Noctis Aftermath3594d ago

If you want to take GT5 "Beyong gamer expectations" STOP HYPING IT! things like "Expect perfection" and this article only increase our expectations!

WildArmed3594d ago

Uncharted 2 took only 18months =p
So its possible to have a game that goes 'beyond gamer expectation' and yet be delivered efficiently.

ofc, GT5 being a racing sim its a different story.
Too much legal mumbo jumbo on top of creating a new engine from scratch (that looks the most photo-realistic then any other game other there)

DERKADER3594d ago

5 years in development is what's raising out expectations.

ico923594d ago

thats what i call B3YOND GT5 could be the most polished game in history when released

Maddens Raiders3594d ago

"The scale of this title is just dizzying, so daily progress is slow, but it's still going forward at a steady clip. All the basic stuff is complete, but we're trying to give everything that little bit extra at present. We could release it any time we want, really, but I want to have that classic GT-style 'did we really have to go this far?' feel going. I want to go way beyond gamer expectations."

Damn, so Kaz wants us to literally....wait for it...., "Play Beyond"???

These people are fkn incredible.

menoyou3594d ago

Good thinking. I don't really mind though. I rather have a few incredible and innovative games than a lot of the same. I just wish people would reward developers who try hard to do this by buying their games.

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tripewire3594d ago

Funny. Thats exactly what I posted in the "Forza vs NFS: Shift" comparison thread.

MetalGearRising3594d ago

Too late Forza 3 already takes us "beyond gamer expectations" try something original Kazunori Yamauchi instead of copying TURN 10.

tripewire3594d ago

So thats why every few days Turn10 are releasing press statements to the tune of "we can explain why the graphics aren't as good as we said" or "the photomode looks crap because of teh servers".

Zedux3594d ago

All I want is iRacing, netkart, rfactor sim like physics and car setups!

tripewire3594d ago

Kaz, you're not doing it right. You need to go through the hype-builders check list.

1)Slag off the competition.
2)Boast that your polygon count is mega-awesome-huge. Numbers used here can be vague and do not need to relate to gameplay.
3)state how competition dropped the ball.
4)State that you have no competition.
5)Slag off the competition some more.
6)slag off the competition by creating accounts on web forums.
7)Point out that your trees have real geometry.
8)slag off the competition some more.
9)re-iterate that you have no competition.
10)claim that nothing on the market is within years of what you are doing, ignoring your competition. That you dont have.
11)Talk about how many cars and tracks you have/may have in your game. Feel free to include cars and tracks that may or may not be available to all users.
12)dont forget to mention 60FPS. its a buzz word.
13)You know that competition that doesnt exist? Slag them off some more.
14) Try and rig an online survey. Fail.
15)Make sure to plan ahead. When you release your game to the public and they ignorantly complain about the little white fabrications you may or may not have told, you need to have good justification.

ChilliDemon3594d ago

Very funny. Bubble for you.

LordStig3594d ago

He doesn't need to do all that, he gets the fans to do it for him.

WildArmed3594d ago

Yup, SDF takes care of that nicely?

XDF wasnt doing a nice job, so Turned10 had to take matters into their own hands? lol

nix3594d ago


step by step: how to hype your game tutorial.

Ravage273594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

1.Say WTF stuff like 'Our competitors are LIGHTYEARS away from us!!'
2.Repeatedly stressing that no games this gen(or the next) come close
3.Diss the competition by saying 'Our competitors have no balls!'
4.Fail to deliver on all those big talks? No problem,just issue a meek response rewording all those false claims and giving pathetic excuses like 'The current game is good as it is,so stop complaining please??'.
5.Rig a popularity poll and still end up losing <- lol this is so f$%&ing pathetic i can't think of any ways to top it :D

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