Effects Physics & Gameplay Physics Explored

Confused about effects physics vs. gameplay physics? has asked ATI, NVIDIA, Havok, and Ageia about the two. They received in-depth responses providing great detail regarding effects and gameplay physics, what they mean for gameplay, and current hardware physics abilities.

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Trickedbullet5800d ago

That is awsome.
I wonder if the 360 can do that level of awsome.

TiTuS5800d ago

NO IT WONT hahahahaha, PS3 RULES

TiTuS5800d ago

The new physics engines that have been delivered are going to become something of the future, and its looking better that ever, but i dont think the Xbox will handle it , it will probably explode, hahaha

THAMMER15799d ago

. Your wrong the PS3 Will be fun to play with but it will not trump the 360 on anything graphic or physics related. You should do more research before making yourself look stupid.

FamoAmo5799d ago

I agree with Thammer. Titus needs to do his research. If anything the 360 is capable of a little better graphics. Stated by many developers is that the ps3 will recieve mostly 360 ports on multi platform games and also graphics are identical with the 360 having a slight edge for its graphics card (special)!!

Mikey_Gee5799d ago

both consoles are capable of this.

DG5799d ago

Where did the comparison pics go?

THAMMER15799d ago (Edited 5799d ago )

The 360 will be able to handle many different physics engines now and into the future. Remember Half-life 2. It was on the original Xbox it used the havoc physics engine. Xbox 1 handled it fine. The PS3 will be able to handle most physics engines as well. Do not let people lie to you. New pc's will implement a physics card to go along with you GPU. The PS3 will not have that option but when developers make a game they will have the option of using physics engine to get the job done. I do remember the PS2 could not handle half-life or anything on the unreal engine either. It looks like a new console is going to make that old graphics are not important mission statement that Playstation fan boys used to live by fly out the window now. So if you have a 360 you are fine or better off than some one who buys a PS3 because unreal engines 4 and 5 will be complete soon and the RSX GPU may not be flexible enough to handle them. So 360 owners do not panic when dummies say dumb uneducated krap.

PS360PCROCKS5799d ago

"The other concern we have is the lack of a hardware-accelerated physics processor. If Sony or Nintendo would include a PPU in their next-generation machines, Microsoft would have to compete using a software-based approach that would never rival dedicated hardware. Luckily, AGEIA is tweaking its NovodeX Physics SDK to take full advantage of the multi-core architecture of the Xbox 360. We should also see what two Xbox 360 cores (assuming a game developer just needs one for the rest of the game code) could do for multi-threaded physics and compare the results against a PPU to find out if we really have to worry about the lack of a PPU in the Xbox 360."

This is real, even though their is no PPU inside the Xbox 360 it was developed in mind to make the game run on 2 cores and send all the intensive math calculations for Physics to the 3rd, the Xbox 360 can handle Physics, it all just depends on how it is developed.

"By having three symmetric cores running at a clock speed of 3.2 GHz, programmers can offload mathematically intensive routines onto another core to free up processing, allowing massive calculations to take place."

The Ageia PhysX is Hardware AND Software, meaning the first quote (Which is old) is correct. Ageia made their software and tweaked it to take advantage of the 3 core programming meaning like the 2nd quote (From Microsoft) is also correct, it's made to send all calculations to the 3rd core, meaning physics are as capable on an Xbox 360 as is on a PS3

Watapata5799d ago

Physics calculations are incredibly math intensive, something the PS3 far exceeds the 360's abilities to perform. If either console is at a disadvantage to the other when it comes to physics, the 360 is the one with the disadvantage, though they are each likely very close to eachother in real world application.

PS360PCROCKS5799d ago (Edited 5799d ago )

Oh is that so? Please explain to me how you know this because you don't, you don't even have evidence, which I included. The PhysX software was designed for triple core architecture, and for the PS3 SPE'S, believe me I read alot of stuff before I posted that, developers have the option of running all the code on one processor and all the math calculations on another core, meaning physics will be done on a 3.2 GHZ dual core processor, which can do two threads obviously, so it's theoretically two 3.2 GHZ processors, the PS3's SPE'S are 3.2 GHZ as well, and I highly doubt developers will be running physics on more than one SPE, Havok also designed their engine to run on a GPU and some on the CPU. So your opinion is mute, the PS3 and Xbox 360's physics will be practically the same, have you seen Bullet Witch and Saints Row, please pull your head out before you say that the 360 is at a disadvantage with physics, because both of those games show ALOT of physics. So next time instead of just trying to say I am wrong, you find me the evidence that I am wrong, and not some quote from a PS3 fanboy saying it will be better. Technical Jargon buddy

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