Could Gran Turismo 5 Be...Easy?

Yamauchi reveals that cars Gran Turismo 5 will be "easier to drive". Uh, what's that mean?

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Narutone663596d ago

never know until the game is released. I hope they fully support the G25 racing wheel.

DasBunker3596d ago

ive always sucked at GT games.. but i wanna get GT5 tough im not a car aficionado, it looks stunning and it has awesome features..

i just dont wanna blow $100+ on the game and wheel and then have it collecting dust like when i bought GHIII -_- GH wasnt hard, just boring for me after a couple of days

BabyStomper50003596d ago

I would assume there is a mode or something that makes it easy.

gaffyh3595d ago

I hope it is slightly easier, but not really in terms of driving, just in terms of the goals you need to make. In GT5P it is extremely hard to get gold on most of the tracks because you have to do everything perfectly, and make sure you slipstream every car in the right way.

I just hope they make it easier to get gold :(

Darkeyes3595d ago

For a new comer, the GT universe might be intimidating, especially for one who doesn't know a thing about cars or has just come out of playing Burnout... I have always felt that for such a realistic sim, there must be a different Arcade kind mode where the game eases a bit and you won't end up last if you crash once.. There can always be a true professional mode for the hardcores, but there should also be an easier mode for new noobs... Judging that the franchise has sold more than 50 million, guess people love the harder more realistic sim...

boodybandit3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

What do you mean by fully support?
GTP doesn't list the G25 under wheel options but I found on of the logitech setups that I mapped to my liking and the wheel works flawless with it.

I would think PD would not only include the G25 but the G27 as well on the final version of GT5. I know this probably is wishful thinking but I hope they include the Fanatec wheel (Porsche 911 & 911 S) options as well.

siyrobbo3595d ago

i'd imagine they would make it scalable, like what turn 10 did with forza 3, you have the option to play with assists, but you have the option not to. good for everybody that way. Personally i prefer a hard game, but then i have the patience to master it, alot of people dont play games if they arent good at them straight away

No FanS Land3595d ago

I think Narutone66 wants full clutch/5gear shifter ability in GT. I agree it would be nice.

MNicholas3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

it's just to help people new to the game (that was his theme throughout the interview) learn to drive properly.

However, I hope it goes further than that and makes the sim mode a more accurate representation of real life.

Despite what those so-called "sim" fans tell you difficult does not mean realistic.

Driving a real Corvette or WRX at pace through narrow street tracks is a heck of a lot easier than in any so-called "sim" I've driven on consoles or PC. In fact, I wonder if anyone who reviews sims has ever driven a real car in race or rally conditions!

The difference between sims and real driving is that in sims, it's harder to keep the car under control but easier to recover and rejoin the race while in real-life it's much easier to keep the car under control but very very difficult to recover, especially if you've overwhelmed the dampers and the chassis's oscillating off the springs. Once that happens your grip goes to hell which means, slides, spins, and, possibly, lots of very expensive repairs.

BTW, that's another aspect of racing (cost of repairs, driver injuries) that no so-called racing "sim" that I've driven properly emulates.

Tin Foil Hat gamer3595d ago

Be aware of the Japanese, they are a clever nation with much technological power.

LostDjinn3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

"New physics in the TGS demo should be immediately apparent to anyone playing the game -- it’s actually “easier to drive”, though when the car begins to lose grip, its behavior is more true-to-life."

Nice to see titles like this. It really is.

Tin Foil Hat gamer3595d ago

Dismiss me if you want, just wait till 2012, you wont be so smug then.

Cenobia3595d ago

My friend has the G25 for Prologue, so I know it works. I'm not 100% about every feature, but it at least functions (I'm pretty sure that includes the clutch too).

They HAVE to include that steering wheel. It's the top of the line model with the most realism.

cyberwaffles3595d ago

please don't make it arcadey. this is the first GT i'm ever going to buy and i want an authentic racer this time around. i've played millions of arcade racers; now i want something based on reality.

please don't conform to the casuals, there are plenty of easy driving games out there.

UrbanJabroni3595d ago

I really wish some of you could have seen Kojima's presentation at GDC this year. His whole premise was that it was actually the _West_ that has the technological talent and pushes the boundaries in that respect while Kojima productions, representative of the East, focuses on design to overcome the historical technical limitations of technology. The final conclusion was that he wanted to finally merge the technological innovation of the West with the design sensibility of the East for his next project.

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UnSelf3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Is that guy above me saying sumthing? i cant really tell

DasBunker3596d ago

yeah i took a glance at his comment when i was detracting the none existing bubble he has left.. typical turn 10 talk, he said something about mario kart being on par with flopza 3 or summin like that

Darkeyes3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

Better than wat???? Forza... Ya I know... See 2 can troll. The only difference is that people can see my comment and not yours... LMAO

ArcticWolfUK3595d ago

mario kart wii sold 17m (3x more than the entire forza series) so he's obviously trying to say gt5 will be a beast.

cause every xtard knows sales>gameplay.

iamgoatman3595d ago

This guy is just a fanboy posting rubbish, but I've seen people post the same thing in a Forza article. I'm not sure what you people are really expecting.

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UnSelf3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

They better f*ckin not

EDIT: after watchin the vid its safe to say, i was worried for nutting. I have faith in Kaz

dragonelite3596d ago

Who says a sims need to be to hard to drive just like shift has done it was retarded hard i heard.

EvilBlackCat3595d ago

"Who says a sims need to be to hard to drive just like shift has done it was retarded hard i heard"

A sim needs to be close to what it is in real life and believe me its not easy.

"just like shift has done"

Yes is retarded because is worst than Gran Turismo retarded is faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar away from reality. NFS Shift cant be called a sim.

JackBNimble3595d ago

I think the word "EASY" is a misrepresentation of how it was intended.

monkey nuts3595d ago

Its not so much hard (thats wat she said), whats headwork is I think the devs based the driving AI on those asshats you get to play online against from time to time. You know the ones, tags like roadblocker or head on. Nothing is as frustrating as nearing the end of a 5 lap race in first only for the AI to just ram you/spin you out off the track. Glad I platted it, its being traded come friday for a certain game that everyone is praising, yep you guessed it: Brutal Legend.

MetalGearRising3595d ago

GT5 is a FLOP even before it comes out. Keep waiting while i will soon be enjoying forza 3.

TheTeam063595d ago

.... Really? Enjoying?

Well, I guess if there's nothing else to play on the 360...

pete27113595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

Reasons for it being a flop already??

JackBNimble3595d ago

You really do like fooling yourself.....idiot!

PopEmUp3595d ago

well i be enjoying the goty atm suck it bot

ArcticWolfUK3595d ago

leave the guy alone, not his fault he's a mentally fcked up.

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