Replace Your Cell Phone W/ Your PSPgo.

Since the PSPgo launched early this month, the industry and the internet has been buzzing with blogger's and news sites, expressing both their love and their contempt for the device.

Though we have yet to post our full review of Sony's hot new handheld, we discovered something rather cool about the bite size portable that may get a few more bloggers warming up to the all digital device.

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frugalfrak3600d ago

I like the idea, I would love the pspgo as an iphone. However, carrying that mifi thing around sounds like a hassle.

zootang3599d ago

People tend to forget Sony own a big sector of the phone market with it's Walkman phones. It's not gonna p*ss all over itself

Neo Nugget3599d ago

You could use tethering for this right? Although I guess that is practically defeating the purpose :P

Christopher_Walken3599d ago

What's the monthly cost of having that MiFi thing though?

Neo Nugget3599d ago

It has a chart in the article.

Serial_EDX3599d ago

Sounds cool, But....Its kinda expensive isn't it?

ABizzel13599d ago

It's about the price of the average iPhone plan. Like Bathyj said it needs to drop to like $50, before this becomes truly worth while.

Bathyj3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Once the WiFi subscrition comes down, say half, that would be a real option. A PSP GO Case with a little pocket to carry the thing would be great.

I've been saying to the people complaining about the GO's price, if it had a phone built in Aussies would pay a grand for it easy. It would crap over an iPhone from a great height and no one minds the cost of those here it seems.

Dammit, PSP should just have 3G, problem solved.

ChozenWoan3599d ago

Sony's greatest weakness is their shortsightedness when it comes to the PSP. They could give it a built in cam and built in 3G/4G wireless, then sit back and watch the PSP print money.

Only a few adults want to walk around with a phone And a psp, especially since phones are starting to be able to do 80% of what the PSP can do. Such as playing games, playing videos, and of course music. The only real advantages the PSP has over most phones is the screen size, button controls, and a real web browser. Soon however, phones will close the gap and then the PSP will have lost a great opportunity to lead the market.

When I think about it, Sony could have ushered in the portable video phone with the PSPgo. Instead they took only a half step toward the future as if they don't realize just full potential of the PSP. Guess it will be up to Nintendo or Apple to show them the way.

Bathyj3599d ago

Yeah, good post.

I've been saying since PSP first came out, I wish it was a phone, and now with iPhones everywhere it really was a missed opportunity.

I guess price is the factor. Sure I might spent a grand on this because its the best handheld and you pay that just for a new phone, but people only after the handheld not a phone would be priced out.

The solution could have been a phone SKU and a non phone SKU at different prices, but then you know how easily things like that seem to confuse the public. The haters would be screaming the top price over and over and everyone would think there wasn't a cheaper option. Remember how no one seemed to know about the cheaper PS3 when it launched? All those complaints about price and the 20GB hardly got looked at.

Anyway, guess I'm stuck with my iPhone for now with its games I keep collecting but never actually play.

sikbeta3599d ago

Maybe Sony don't want to make a huge step with the "Go" and they are thinking in do it with PSP2, after all the Go don't gonna replace the original models

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The story is too old to be commented.