Colin McRae: DIRT gameplay footage Renault Clio Super 1600

Some nice ingame footage showing the Renault Clio Super 1600 in Colin McRae: DIRT

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PhinneousD4291d ago (Edited 4291d ago )


Close_Second4291d ago

...reflections in the car were naff and didn't even reflect the environment. Also felt more like I was watching bumper cars rather than fully kitted rally cars belting round a track.

Hope the final product looks way better!

ITR4291d ago

Bumper cars is RallyCross.

You can see reflections in the hood and back glass.

It's hard to see on that color scheme though and it only stays clean for like 12 seconds in the race.

Close_Second4291d ago

...Rallycross may = bumper cars but there is not enough physics going on there when cars hit each other. Its like the cars have very little weight.

Also, take another look at the you see other cars in the reflections? do you see the actual roadside objects being reflected? Look at when the car passes under the signage just after starting the race...nothing, not even a shadow on the car as it passes underneath it.

Rallisport Challenge 2 on the Xbox looked better than THIS video.

Adriokor4291d ago

it just too fake, feel like watching a bad cartoon.

bigmack4291d ago

i still think motorstorm looks better

lil bush4291d ago

it looks a little boring to me...........

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