Interview with Tim May, Producer of Activision's Bakugan Battle Brawlers

Diehard GameFAN: With Bakugan winning the 2009 Toy of the Year Award from the Toy Industry Association , is there a chance we might see an exclusive figure as a pack in or pre-order bonus with the game? Maybe an episode or two of the show on the PS3 and 360 version as an unlockable?

Tim May: Of course! We have a lot of amazing promos going along with the game. There is the Nintendo DS Collector's Edition that includes an exclusive real Bakugan Naga ball. Only a limited number were made, although it's not specific to any one retailer. Best Buy's version of the game comes with an exclusive DVD that contains the "Showdown" episode from Season 2. Toys R Us has a Wii and DS version that has exclusive in-game characters, Ravenoid and Manion. Amazon is selling the Ultimate Brawler Collector's Gift Set, which has the game, a custom designed Dan statue, certificate of authenticity and a Bakugan lunchbox. GameStop has a Bakugan DS case you can get if you preorder the game, and Wal-Mart's version has an exclusive in-game character. Game Crazy has a Bakugan pillowcase as a preorder! So much crazy unique stuff for Bakugan fans to choose from.

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