Nintendo has a new and surprising game on the way

Nintendo has a new game in development that apparently "came out of nowhere."

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Valay3597d ago

Interesting, especially since Nintendo has taken this route before. I wonder if the game is actually finished with development.

menoyou3597d ago

It's Pokemon Heroes: Battle for Pikachu's Heart

Knghtz3596d ago

I wish :(

Perhaps though we will see a new Star Fox or F-Zero? Or even a new Donkey Kong game that is a true platformer again?

kunit22c3596d ago

i'm hoping for any of these, Starfox Wii, F-zero Wii, Kid Icarus, Kirby Wii, or Pikmin 3.

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Smacktard3597d ago

Awesome, can't wait to hear what it is :D

I'm calling an Ice Climbers sequel right now!

kunit22c3596d ago

I was thinking the same thing! but how are they going to do it? :o

James Bond3597d ago

Wii Have Diarrhea. That came out of nowhere for sure.

Goomba123597d ago

I find it funny how people are shocked that "a game came out of no where" seeing as how outlets like IGN expect Nintendo to tell them everything they are developing.

I like surprises and unfortunately this generation has ruined a couple huge ones for me.

Cajun Chicken3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

Please be Dynamic Slash or Project HAMMER.

EDIT: Dynamic Slash more, please.

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The story is too old to be commented.