PlayMagazine Review: Magna Carta 2

The story in Magnacarta 2 may seem a cliché at first (...amnesia) but this isn't your garden variety storytelling. It's a long slow wonderful burn. I must warn you however, there are some moments of genuine affection and maybe even the L word, between raining death from the sky and running your sword through the carcasses of large beasts and the decidedly wicked Northern Forces. Magnacarta 2 may also appear to lack the fidelity of a modern Final Fantasy or similarly gleaming JRPG. I can't argue with the gleaming part, but I will say that on occasion you might find sophistication where you least expect that blocky RPG that redefined its generation not so long ago.

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Lavalamp3603d ago

Nice to see a strong score for this game. If it gets more of this kind of appreciation then I just might fork over the 60 bones for the game.

RadientFlux3603d ago

This game is definitly getting mixed reviews, I'll definitly have to give this game a rent, though I'm not really sure when I will have the time. Espically with 'Dragon Age' and 'Divinity 2' still due out this year.