411Mania Review: INNEX Accessories - Buckshot Lock 'N Load Lightgun

You want to be a bad-ass? Then nut up or shut up! (And if you've chosen to nut up, then get this gun!)
With Zombieland and Inglourious Basterds making a killing at the box office, you can't help but watch and wish you could shoot the heads off zombies and Nazi's. Thanks to Wii-based rail shooters, you can realize fantasies like the aforementioned quite easily, but chances are that you'll get tired of using your remote and nun chuck or your Wii Zapper. Those products are fine (and necessary in the case of the former two) but sometimes you want that real arcade feel or maybe you just want to look like a bad-ass gunslinger. If this sounds like you, INNEX has you covered.

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