Ausgamers - Aion Review (Part 1): The Road to Abyss


When your character reaches Level 25 in Aion, 'The Abyss' opens up - a large sprawling battleground where player and computer controlled races aim to control key strategic sites, called fortresses. From fighting large guardians amongst a group of fifty combatants, to taking part in both small and large scale defensive and offensive manoeuvres, or just trying to see how far into enemy territory you can go - the day to day activities of The Abyss sound, well, pretty damn cool. And to those who enjoy player-versus-player (PvP) content in their MMOs, no doubt this portion of the game would be at the top of your 'things to check out in Aion' list. But, getting to this point in Aion is no easy feat, time-wise that is, as many hours will need to be invested just coming to terms with the game, its world, and most importantly, the content. That's not to say that Aion breaks new ground or provides an experience unlike anything before it. In fact, Aion takes the opposite route, and tries to provide a complete and polished experience utilising pre-existing game mechanics. The following is an account of playing Aion, as an Elyos Warrior/Templar - on the road to the Abyss.

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