1UP: Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising Review

Flashpoint 2's saving grace is that when the combat works, it's positively sublime. When you get that perfect storm of competent squadmates, interesting enemies, cool equipment, and snazzy graphics (the game mostly uses brown and green, but sometimes, the day/night cycle produces a pretty spectacular vista), the moment-to-moment gunplay gives it the "this is war" feeling. It's plain cool to hold off an assault using troops and a nearby APC.

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jjohan353594d ago

Where are the fanboys now? This game sucks compared to what we have on the PS3.

AngryHippo3594d ago

I wonder who you class as a 'fanboy', because from your comment I would say that you fit right into that category.

This game is good, currently enjoying it at the moment, it can be very tough at times though. I also haven't managed to get a multi player match yet due to 'connection errors' which is a bit frustrating as I was really looking forward to playing this online.

jjohan353593d ago

This game is NOT good on the PS3. I rented it, played it through, and found it disappointing, underwhelming, and mediocre. Metacritic's score of 77 reflects this as well. Please don't tell me about realistic warfare. I was part of the first invasion into afghanistan.

The AI companions often did stupid things, the controls were awkward and often repeated themselves, the graphics were mediocre, and the entire game is a boring snipefest.

OutforJustice3594d ago

Why would you even say something like that? I have a PS3, Killzone 2 is great but theres no need for that kind of talk.

Flashpoint 2 is an excellent game, the only people that don't like it can't handle tactical shootouts. They either want arcadey run and gun (Modern Warefare) or they want the ability to jump over and over again anytime someone shoots at them (Halo 3).

Dragon Rising got mostly very respectable review scores and I for one still appreciate shooters with loud guns, blood and gore, realistic use of cover, ragdoll and intense firefights. The day night cycle and the excellent graphics (at least maxed out on PC) don't hurt too much either.

I don't know what your problem is jjohan35 but maybe you should go play some Red Steel or some similar T rated garbage on WII, that might be more your speed.