Sony PS3 Makes All the Right Moves

Associated Content.........Just when you thought the console war was nearing the end it seems that all the tricks are being pulled out of the hat. Eight weeks ago it seemed pretty simple to choose which console you needed. If you were a parent with several kids, a recreational gamer with a lot of friends

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chrisulloa3602d ago

I wouldn't say all the right moves. They had one of the most terrible launches for a console, but this month seems to be a good month for Sony and gaming in general.

sak5003602d ago


LMAO i almost spit out my morning tea..

chrisulloa3602d ago

Pfff, I lol'ed so hard. How many PS3 owners worship this guy?

ultimolu3602d ago

Sony rocks. :D

I absolutely love the quality of their products.

sikbeta3602d ago

Kind of obvious but this story repeat itself every generation since the insertion of SONY in the Gaming industry in 1995

Vicodin3602d ago

"Kind of obvious but this story repeat itself every generation since the insertion of SONY in the Gaming industry in 1995"


Sony's first console sold 105 million worldwide.

Sony's second console sold 140 million worldwide and still selling.

Sony's PSP has sold over 53 million worldwide and still selling.

And now the PS3 is the third fastest selling console in history. Only the PS2 and Wii have sold at a faster rate. Astonishing success considering the PS2 and and Wii cost half the price of the PS3 at launch.

Dragun6193602d ago

Hell yea Sony's making all the right moves. I mean look what they done in two months.

September 1 they released PS3 Slim with a $299 price tag.
Along with October having three AAA PS3 exclusives.
Demon's Souls, Uncharted 2,& Ratchet and Clank: ACIT. Not to mention their line up for 2010.

WenisWagon3602d ago

Umm.. okay then. Mission accomplished for Nintendo and Microsoft.

RememberThe3573602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

You make a very good point. I'm not here to blow sunshine up Sony's ass, but they really do know what they are doing.

I just wish game journalists weren't such morons... It's sad when your readers know more than you.

The PS3 was never doomed and now Sony is showing us why. I remember reading an article a few days ago about the end of brand loyalty. Well that's bullshit, it's brand loyalty that has kept the PS3 going strong all this time.

EDIT: @neogeo Daaaammmmnnnnn HAHAHAHAHAHA

SnuggleBandit3602d ago

"How many PS3 owners worship this guy? "

I can't speak for anyone else but i watch him purely for entertainment purposes.

SnukaTheMan3601d ago

Limp bizkit needs to make another record.

zeeshan3601d ago

SONY has been saying that it is a marathon and you know what that means. It means that Sony has long term plans and we all know that long term plans last long, work better but start affecting a little later than what an average Joe would think. Short term plans are best to pull a short term success. M$ proved that their short term plan (releasing the console early, pay big $$$ to get Sony-exclusive titles etc) did work for them but it pretty much also back fired. Because they rushed out the product, the dreaded RROD will always haunt the memories of Xbox360 owners. The faulty and sub-quality hardware meant no success in Japan as we all know Japanese prefer quality. With Xbox360 Elite priced $250 (after mail-in rebate), Xbox360 has failed to catch PS3's number which clearly shows that SONY has done something right with PS3. They have plan and when Sony says, "It's all about software", I couldn't agree more! I know there are MILLIONS of people who own a Nintendo Wii but I believe that not even half of that figure use their Wii daily. I know people who got a Wii and it's collecting dust. Simply because they just don't have that many quality titles. Sony's first party lineup is stronger than Nintendo and M$ combined and they are pushing AAA titles one after the another.

Sony defenitely has a long way to go before they could declare victory but something tells me that this WILL happen sooner or later :)

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shutupandplay3602d ago

I stopped reading at: "Just when you thought the console war was nearing the end"

54percent3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

Can you read???

2FootYard3602d ago

Sony makes Microsoft look like a bunch of mentally challenged rednecks.

Waldex_Encore3602d ago

We all know that people like WenisWagon,chrisulloa and all the other xbots are indeed a bunch of mentally challenged rednecks...

54percent3602d ago

Calling redneck the 360 users who enjoy looking at a piece of charred plastic burn while they giggle? oh... yeah... they are.

Waldex_Encore3602d ago

54% of the xbox users, lol

chrisulloa3602d ago

It's even sadder trying to have to comprehend your comments. Your punctuation and spelling is terrible. Well now I know PS3 fanboys like you guys never attended school.

Obama3601d ago

"Your punctuation and spelling ARE terrible."


You stupid bot shouldn't even talk about spelling and punctuation.

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shutupandplay3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

Honestly, it sucked so bad, slashing the price by 50% and re-designing it was the only "right move." Thanks Sony, keep this pace and I may be able to get a free ps3 with a coupon in the newspaper by next year.

Waldex_Encore3602d ago

you're the biggest redneck of the entire bunch...

Doc Sony3602d ago

@ danthegardener

He can't, the crapbox has no games.

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