ELSPA Weekly Chart - Xbox 360

Has C&C3 done enough to hold off Spider-Man 3 for yet another week at the top of the Xbox 360 chart?

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Imknow14584d ago

I know it might be too early to ask but; can I please get a Star Craft2 along with my C&C3 meal?

BIadestarX4584d ago

I hope they realise they need to bring this game to the consoles. At least for the 360. There is an RTS fanbase on the 360. As for the PS3, PS fans don't seem to think RTS are worth playing in consoles.

gta_cb4584d ago

i would love to play Starcraft games on my Xbox 360 =D

i dont think it will happen... well yet anyway, maybe in the future. all i know is that this game is way overdue! and i am glad its finally making its way here =)

gta_cb4584d ago

ummm... well theres deff been alot more hype for C&C3 then Spiderman 3, so my guess is yes. just remember that online play with/against is always more popular then playing on your own, so im woundering is Spiderman online co-op or anything?