Naughty Dog: We did not expect the critical reception we're getting

Gamesthirst: There's a saying that deems humble people as the most successful. They don't brag about what they've accomplished, they don't go around badmouthing the competition, and they certainly don't imitate. The Naughty Dogs have demonstrated their humbleness, even as they bask in the praise of rave reviews for the critically acclaimed Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

You'd think after creating such a genre defining experience that they'd have anticipated this was coming. Well according to Naughty Dog's Travis McIntosh, this sentiment could not be further from the truth. Speaking today in a live chat with the Official Playstation Blog, he said:

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milked2themax3599d ago

yet so humble. We need more Dogs like these in the Industry!

thebudgetgamer3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

they earned my 59.99.

;) not just because their humble, but for years of quality gaming they have given me.

iamtehpwn3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Indeed. They've been giving me great experiences since I was a small boy playing Crash Bandicoot, to a preteen playing Jak and Daxter, and that I'm 18, they're giving me more adult Experiences like Uncharted.

Naughty Dog's games have grown up with me. That $59.99 + tax is for the good of them and me.

N4G king3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

all of sony's first party
are top notch
in every aspect

PD and now ND

take notes MS and turn 10

Blaze9293598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

I think they knew just as well as us that the day it was unveiled that it would be critically acclaimed high and perfect. Lets not pretend. I'm sure "wow...our game is the sh!t!" came up at least one person's mind >_>

DaTruth3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

I'm a huge Uncharted fan, but when I came home with U2 at 10:30am this morning, I actually started playing Demon's Souls instead.

That's how amazing Demon's Souls is!

Uncharted 2, Demon's Souls FTMFW!!!!

Good week to be a gamer!

theEnemy3598d ago

more like

"We need more Gods like them in the Industry!"


Xbox Avatars Shoe3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Uncharted 2 is officially the highest rated next-gen exclusive on metacritic (97). The only game that's higher is the vastly overrated multiplatform GTA IV (98).

LBP is the second highest rated 360/PS3 exclusive on metacritic (95).

Top 3 rated PS3 exclusives:
1) Uncharted 2 (97)
2) LittleBigPlanet (95)
3) MGS4 (94)

Top 3 rated 360 exclusives:
1) Gears of war 1 (94)
2 Halo 3 (94)
3) Braid (93)

theEnemy3598d ago

And Braid is on the PC so..

I f'ing love that game. :D

aaronisbla3598d ago

i swear i did that exact same thing when i got home in the morning from picking up Uncharted 2, i played some more Demon Souls, its SOOO good, especially when i found out i missed my White Bow in world 4-2 for my huntress. I didnt start UC2 until 2 pm

coolfool3598d ago

It's ok say "We worked hard at this game and we were aiming for the best throughout production, I am glad we managed to achieve that". I wonder if saying "oh we didn't expect much" and then getting great reviews could come across as patronising. It's a little like some saying they are crap at a sport and then whipping your ass at it.

Sitdown3598d ago

Please give up the fight already. You are trying too hard when you have to get specific by saying "highest rated next-gen exclusive" and then try to knock GTA IV. At this point, nobody cares....stop your attempts of trying to start something amongst gamers.

house3598d ago

well i got my copy yesterday at walmart at 12 am and i gotta say one of the most action packed games i have played.... i cant put it down that's how good it is. hope it gets game of the year they deserve it

Wh15ky3598d ago

This is this gen, this gen was next-gen last gen.
If we're still calling this gen next-gen what are we going to call next gen? Next-next-gen? real-next-gen? Gen-after-next-gen?

And technically Super Mario Galaxy has the highest meta-score for an exclusive THIS gen. It has 97 from 73 reviews.

BTW, I own a PS3 and have never played SMG, I just like being the arsehole that points these things out.

zeeshan3598d ago

Oh come one! You knew people are gona go crazy and the game will be well received by both gamers and critics. I bet, you knew it you naughty, naughty, NAUGHTY DOGS :)

No seriously, ND has emerged as one of the best developers if not The Best. They have outdone themselves and not only have they raised the bar for third party developers but they have raised the bar for Sony's first party developers. We KNOW that Sony's first party developers are all working together in some way or the other but after Uncharted 2, I hope that they realize that PS3 owners will probably expect only AAA titles from Sony's first party line up. That's a huge expectation and with developers like GG, ND, Sony Santa Monica, Sucker Punch, Insomniac etc, I am sure that if any company can deliver it, it's only SONY

ShadowRyuX3598d ago

I still haven't beat Demon's Souls and now I have Uncharted 2 on top of that! Plus there are a lot of games I have that I still wanna platinum. Then I got Borderlands and Modern Warfare 2!

And on top of that I still need to buy a new Paintball gun and some gear! I need more moneys (and time)! =(

Alvadr3598d ago

2 hours in and the games a masterpiece!!!

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milked2themax3599d ago

and pay respect to whom it's much deserved? I wonder? Show your integrity, say something nice, something respectable now!

cmrbe3599d ago

for U1. I am not surprise that they didn't expect much from the media with U2. Such is the sad state of affairs especially back in 2007.

Cajun Chicken3599d ago

Well said. I still find it funny when the media that condemned Uncharted 1 praise that the graphics still stand up with the best games today and the game is about 2-3 years old now.

What hypocrites, if you can say the media wasn't biased against the PS3 then with such a quality product and overall package, you must have been blind.

Karma is good.

cmrbe3598d ago

in 2007 especially because those of us that played it knew it was pure gold but the media as usual then equate anything with PS3 as doom.

There was no reason whatsoever that U1 was not 90+ on meta when other lesser games were.

There is still bias in the media though but thankfully its not as bad as in 2007.

If U2 was a multi-plat or x360 exclusive it would be the highest rated game ever.

kws10653598d ago

ND still needs to fight with Gamespy, GT, etc.

The final boss would be Edge lol

Lifendz3598d ago

that the media slept on because it came out when it was accepted to hate the PS3.

cmrbe3598d ago

and it still amazes me that it didn't get better score than it did. HS even to this day look better than most x360 games even now. Cinamatic wise its the best and i think U2 will be the first to top it. While it was a bit short it was one hell of a ride.

VC is another great PS3 exclusive that didn't get the praise it deserved.

lol @kws1065

DaTruth3598d ago

Demon's Souls will get, what VC didn't. The critical acclaim of Demon's Souls is immense right now.

nix3598d ago

Uncharted 1 and Heavenly Sword were the first games i picked with my 60gb PS3. they're still my fav games. i often play those games.. even my friends play it even though it's pretty old game. the graphics are amazing. hey.. what do we know?


redsquad3598d ago

I bought DRAKE'S FORTUNE day one, was immediately swept away by how amazing it was and then spent so much time afterwards trying to convince people to buy it (or get a PS3 to play it on). Soooo many of themk responded by saying they'd not read much about it or that it was to much of a "Tomb Raider clone"....

All I can say is "VINDICATED BIG TIME".

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jack_burt0n3599d ago

Uncharted 1 was a masterpiece in itself and was given a tough time because of the climate it was released in, the naughty gods deserve all the praise they are getting and to be in the top tier of developers in the world. :)

Raoh3599d ago

Take notes Turn 10, dennis dyack, peter molyneux, itigaki, etc

dgroundwater3598d ago

I don't see anything wrong with expressing displeasure with the competition's offerings. As long as you have a valid point to make on top of it go for it.

When Randy Pitchford (Borderlands) said Fallout 3 was "Boring", he wanted to stress the idea that a shooter/rpg could be done better. Is that so wrong?

aaron58293598d ago

It's wrong.

You dont say something bad about your competition ever. You want respect, earn it ...

Ya know... like the college kid who makes the loudest noise just to get attention, but instead, others think he's an annoying pr!ck ... but that kid thinks he's so cool.

mcgrawgamer3598d ago

cmon dude just turn that etc to any msft developer you can think of.

Turn 10 i agree with even Itagaki. Dyack never said anything to out the way he just backed his own game albeit foolishly but it was his creation and he praised it I have no problems with that.

Peter should not be anywhere in your list. He's one of the few at MSFT that has any actual common sense.

randomwiz3597d ago

" There's a saying that deems humble people as the most successful. They don't brag about what they've accomplished, they don't go around badmouthing the competition, and they certainly don't imitate."

Who do you think the writer was describing.

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