Forza 3 250 Gig Xbox 360 Bundle Official – OXCGN News & Speical Offer

OXCGN Writes: "Well Forza nuts, it's now official, these great bundles are now available for Pre-order, and OXCGN has struck a deal with a online store to offer all OXCGN readers the chance to grab one of these great newly announced Forza 3 250 Gig Xbox 360 Bundles."

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PS3 slim3597d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

I wish the Forza console had it's own art.

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XboxOZ3603597d ago

Couldn't agree with you more on that one mate.

MS has done well when making game bundles, and oddly enough, so has Sony (yes sony fans, shock horror, they do it as well, well I never)

Bundle sales help encourage new gamers into a platform where they may not have done so, it also helps move both hardware and most importantly, software. Which is THE most important part in gaming revenue raising.

The 360 has a current attachment rate of over 8:1, that's 8 game sales to every console sold. For publishers, this is gold, pure gold.

It encourages them to push companies like MS to perhaps create bundles to move product with their particular game.

You only have to look at how popular any exclusive console is to know this is true. Be it the White PS3 slim. Sony actually make a Pink one ad bundled it with Barbies Horse Adventures boys, so be careful about what you say regarding MS making consoles different bundles etc.

Plus, Sony, MS etc are also appealingto another lucrative market - The Collector. WHo really does not care if he/she has 1, 2 or 4 of the same console,game, book or item. Their aim is to have every one of them if possible.

ANd yes, they can, and DO rise in value - over time. I have 5 1st-gen Xbox's, not one of them is the standard BBB (big black box), all are Limited Edition and special bundle units. I only use one, the rest are boxed and unique, just sitting there. I have purchased and sold other, at a decent profit to I might ad.

SO for those so-called Sony fans that say MS is simply trying to make money, yes, you're right, so is Sony. Their latest bundles (go to that site in the article, they have 2 PS3 special bundle packs right next top the Forza 3 bundle . . nooooo - you don't say . .!

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slayorofgods3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

Turn 10 and Microsoft may have helped create this PS3 fan base backlash, they made the a bad decision at targeting and scrutinizing GT5. If you've been paying attention then you'd notice many articles illustrating Turn 10's attempts to roll over GT5 in a not so classy way to get itself attention. PS3 owners are just venting their frustrations and I think they have grounds for it.

This isn't the world of Disney, people should be allowed to express themselves as long as they are not out of line.

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somerandomdude3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

u forgot to mention that Forza 3 is a race car driving game. Wow this is one cursed thread and yeah LOL.

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thebudgetgamer3597d ago

but if i could afford this i would be all over it. i will be getting a pro pretty soon(found a good deal on one) and this will be one of the first games i buy.

XboxOZ3603597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

Well if you follow the link provided, which isn't that hard, you'll find the price, but different regions will have them at different prices, you may be able to get a better deal importing one than buying one local, depending on the exchange rate, and cost of freight.

This took me 1-2 mins to find, and found more info on items for sale re Forza 3 as well . . . .just try using your abilities and not relying on others to do things for you. BTW< the price in the UK is 248 BP - Hope that helps anyway . . no price has been set here in Australia - yet.

thebudgetgamer3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

just saying im interested in one.

edit: you guys run a good website.

XboxOZ3603597d ago

No probs, and you'll get bonus points for getting one if you do so I believe, and thanks for the complement, we strive to do our level best, especially seeing that it an all volunteer run site, and NOT a major commercial site like many of the others.

When ordering, just let them know you came from our site to get any offers they may have.

I'm hoping to get one myself, but it'll be a toss up between this one, or the MW2 Special Bundle . .and my mind is moving towards the MW one due to the special console that it features.

I think there are Forza 3 Skin/faceplate sets coming out, so add that to one of these bundles, and you'd have something unique. I did it with Assassin's Creed 1 and everyone loves it, looks great as well.

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