Gamertag Radio: Are You Sick Of Music Games? Roundtable Discussion

Gamertag Radio writes: This week on GTR the staff records a roundtable discussion about music games. Are people getting tried of non-stop Guitar Hero, Rock Band and now with the new Dj Hero coming out in a few weeks. The staff also previews DJ Hero & a review of NBA 2K10.

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RockmanII73600d ago

I'm supposed to be buying Rock Band 2 this week so I'm fine. This is only my 2nd music game this generation though.

xboxman083600d ago

i actually like the music games ive played alot of the guitar heros and i enjoyed every single bit of it.Its different ya kno i mean racing,fighting,shooting, and throwing a football around is cool but being able to hold a guitar,beat on some drums,sing on a mic,or scratch on a turn table its just more fun it adds to the new generation gaming bringing out the music side of gaming was a good move for us music junkies