Epic Mickey: Evidence That Videogames Have Become Film's Equal?

For people born before a certain time videogames do not translate to their hearts the way film does. For us it is easy, videogames speak to us, but people who grew up with the movie theater as the great escapist destination still have a hard time accepting that games can express feeling and emotion in a very real way. A few games have been prime examples to show these people, but for most the gap is to wide to leap. It is going to take a very specific kind of game from a very specific company to give them the confidence to make that leap. I believe that Epic Mickey is that game.

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mistajeff3599d ago

I understand the comparison to cinema, but I think TRYING to equate games with film undermines video games as a medium. Like the author says, new mediums don't replace old ones, and I feel that the constant comparisons to cinema are weighing down interactive narrative from coming into its own and maturing "side by side with its predecessors."

But that's just my opinion, and I'm also drunk. And the only reason I'm drunk is because my TV is currently being occupied by a certain hockey fan who only asked that I give up my Uncharted 2 binge-a-thon for several hours when his game came on. Bastard.

Smacktard3599d ago

I'd have to say no... as we haven't seen anything about the game besides concept art.

Rowsdower3598d ago

its like comparing paintings to photographs

they are two different mediums with superficial similarities.

Video Games are an art form that does not need to aspire to be anything but what it is.

NecrumSlavery3598d ago

It visually will never equal movie quality. Uncharted 2 is a way better example

danthegardner3598d ago

Uncharted 2 has a level of cinematic quality that no other game has. Huge over the top action, a great story and well acted characters. Sure right now games will never look as good as movies, but videogames can have that feel of a movie.

JeffGrubb3598d ago

No surpirse...

... but, still the game itself isn't the point. The existence of the game and the person charged with producing the game are. It is about the perception of the game in the Disney Board room.

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