Destructoid: Forza Motorsport 3 Review

Forza Motorsport 3 is the new king of racers. Destructoid can safely say that they've never played a better racing game. Scalable difficulty lets anyone play, making sure that everyone from novices to pros have a good time. Drop-dead gorgeous graphics will satisfy anyone's car lust. But it's that lovingly crafted and exceptionally realistic control that wins me over.

Forza 2 was already great. They've just polished it to perfection to make 3. If Polyphony Digital really does have a better game coming with Gran Turismo 5, then Destructoid is excited, as Forza 3 is the best racing game they've ever played.

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SpartanZero3602d ago

Can't wait to try this baby out

table3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

lol... pretty harsh Ron. It's getting quite annoying and tiresome seeing the ps3 fanboys unable to respect this games quality quite frankly.

3602d ago
thebudgetgamer3602d ago

ron: open zone that way--->

SupaPlaya3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

Ron, Open Zone that way ----->

Reported as offensive.

On topic
Game looks sweet, I think it's the second perfect score. I think some of the hatred is due to Turn 10's recent PR statements, but a good game is a good game.

somerandomdude3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

There are sure a lot of deleted posts lately from people that don't like Forza 3???? It's almost as if there are no complaints about this game at all?????

3602d ago
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tripewire3602d ago

"Drop-dead gorgeous graphics"
Compared to what? NFS:Carbon?

And respect has to be earnt. Shooting your mouth off about how you have no competition, about how you are the best, how you have 10 times more polygons, then having to release multiple "we can explain" comments via your PR department does not earn respect. It earns criticism. Criticism that should be taken with a big dose of shut the F*** up.

Other than that, Forza 3 looks to be a good package. Not something I'd buy a 360 for but good none-the-less.

lh_swe3602d ago

There are soo many good games coming it's hard to make up my mind.

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Ron_Burgundy3602d ago

good try trying to raise the meta, as GT5 will easily exceed it with as many perfect scores as Unsurpassed 2 Among Itself

somerandomdude3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

Only positive posts about Forza 3 and negative posts about GT5 on these forums or us here at turn 10 will report you and give you negative feedback

Chubear3602d ago

The 360fanbase are such foolish sheep lol "oh snap! Destructoid says iz teh definitive - DEFINITIVE. Now I must buy!" After all the vids we've seen showing this game is as average as it gets these 360 sheep will go support it and then they'll get even more mediocre crap from MS cause they just love it.

It's sad how MS and their 360base are so dedicated on gimping the experiences of current gen gaming. This is a big budget exclusive in house game that cant' even out do multiplat racers. Hell, it terms of sim, looks like an arcade/sim mix when compared to the likes of smaller budget sim racer like Ferrari Challenge.

But they support it and ask MS to give more gimped gaming soiled in ridiculous hype wrapped in bold faced lies. You're just a fool if you support MS's 360 products; an utter fool.

gamesR4fun3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

def a good meta boost deserved tho i dont think so a racing sim should have flawless hit defection at the very least...
and its certainly not a big jump form forza 2 tho that was already a pretty solid game. anyways chk the user score on meta for a better idea on what the games really worth. After they start rolin in that is. I never trust review sites blindly been burnt too many times especially on the 360 games.

shutupandplay3602d ago

Lol. Look at chubear getting all bent out of shape over it. Don`t forget to take a few breaths while writing your furious walls of text, we would not want you to hyperventilate.

beardpapa3602d ago

As great as it sounds that F3 gets a perfect 10, coming from Destructoid makes me feel skeptical. Afterall, Destructoid was clearly very biased towards Forza from their other article they had. They compared the Camino Viejo track of Forza and Tokyo track from the TGS GT5 demo, and concluded that Forza looked better because it had plants and grass - which is like comparing apples and oranges and saying saying oranges are better just because you don't like eating apples. Hard to take them seriously when they stated more pros and less cons of one game, and then stating less pros and more cons of the other game.

TheXgamerLive3602d ago

wow, have any of you even kissed a girl? Nope mr. Xbox man, we only hate on everything X related, (snif snif).

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PS3 slim3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

Great score everybody in the industry agrees this is the best Sim ever created.

*waits for Gameswire to photoshop more Forza comparison articles*

This one wasn't even noticed because the haters are careful of which articles to heat up or to summit fast in pending before they heat up.

The real killer3602d ago

yes great score indeed, but did you play the demo? and Forza 2?.
My opinion is this score to high if we talk about originality.

You know why.................because the most reviewers seeking little flaws or think a nice excuse like originality in Uncharted 2 always have being criticize about ORIGINALITY just to prevent a perfect score in metascore list.

Also, this review is for my opinion a justification to Uncharted 2 review just like ODST.

PS3 slim3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

Played both the Forza 3 demo and Forza 2. Forza 3 has night and day improvements compared to forza 2. I read the reviews for the rest of the picture.

I actually wan't to ask if you played both saying what you said.

"Uncharted 2 always have being criticize about ORIGINALITY just to prevent a perfect score in metascore list"

^^ I guess that answers my question about ever having played Forza 2 or 3(you have not)

The real killer3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

PS3 slim

Yes i play Forza 2 and was a nice race game i did not play the demo yet, but i see many screenshot and gameplay about Forza 3 and compare with Forza 2 and it is really sad that Forza not a big improvement has over Forza 2.

Don't get me wrong, Forza 3 will still a good game, but if we speak about numbers or score review this game does not deserve a 10, because the lack of improvement from Forza 2.

I don't compare with CT, because CT is whole different race game with allot new stuff in the game what Force 3 cannot compare if you understand what i meaning.

xcox3602d ago thirsty M$ c0ck sucking b!tches

10/10 for fudza3?

i can see from here the circle jerkoff during the review meeting:

"did you guys see uncharted2 getting all these perfect scores?"
"yeah yeah... that sux, people are gonna start thinking the PS3 is better and we've been full of sh!t all along..."
"we gotta do something... yeah... but what...? GT5 is coming out next spring and is gonna be huge too..."