Uncharted: Drakes Fortune To Unlock Uncharted 2 Bonuses

PlayStationLifeStyle writes:
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is one of this year's best reviewed games, gaining full marks from PSLS and topping sales charts even before its release in the US. Uncharted 2 is the sequel to Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, which, while critically acclaimed, didn't receive the amount of hype and attention that the game deserved, however, approximately two and a half million people played the game. Recently rumours surfaced that those with savedata for the original game would gain bonuses in Uncharted 2.

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doctorstrange3599d ago

$100,000 for Uncharted 2 and I haven't even got the game

Mozilla893598d ago

Good thing I rented the first Uncharted and beat it this weekend.

dp2774073598d ago

I got 120,000 for beating it on normal

Xbox Avatars Shoe3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Damn it! I have the platinum but when I changed my HDD I forgot to copy Uncharted 1's save data >.<

Oh well, for all the people like me or the lazy bastards, you can download Uncharted: Drake's Fortune 100% game saves here:

*Note: You will not be able to earn Uncharted: Drake's Fortune trophies if you install this save data.

Stationfan3599d ago

thats bull crap, it goes off of game saves which is gone on my first ps3 which ylod on me. I have the platinum on my profile but when it searches it says no trophies detected i hope the patch it because i want my 120k

doctorstrange3599d ago

You could always download the savedata

mugoldeneagle033598d ago

Same with me bro,

I beat it on Hard and Crushing maybe a week after trophies were patched into it last year (Around October I think?) and my second PS3 that had the save on it died last January. I was hoping they'd have it go by trophy support, which blows.

Looks like after I beat Uncharted 2 I'll put it on my external HDD right away for U3.

gaffyh3598d ago

Just download a save. I've still got my save luckily, and it's 100% complete with platinum :)

Lucreto3599d ago

Excellent I just completed Uncharted on crushing buy I didn't get the trophy for it. So I will still be getting 100,000 for it.

doctorstrange3598d ago

I'm like 5 treasures away from the final trophy before platinum, really think I should try and get one more playthrough before U2

lordkemp0073598d ago

This beautifully made title spits in the eye of every Xbox 360 game ever created.

chisox1003598d ago

I beat Uncharted on easy and normal. I'm working on crushing now so i can get my Uncharted skills up for when I get U2 in a month or so.

DaTruth3598d ago

I was destroying the multiplayer and now the singleplayer Uncharted 2 off of my Uncharted crushing skills. I was just dominating the Multiplayer demo with ease and dispatching level 30 players like they were children, for them to look and see me at level 5.

doctorstrange3598d ago

The 1st Uncharted is great training for the multiplayer

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The story is too old to be commented.