Naughty Dog to Stop Online Cheaters

All online games suffer from cheaters. People will find glitches in the game to become invincible, lag out the game, or just ruin the experience for everyone else. Naughty Dog won't allow this to happen, though. To stop these cheaters from ruining the Uncharted 2 multiplayer experience, Naughty Dog has a system in place to stop them and they'll also be playing the game and watching message boards for reports of such actions.

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James Bond3600d ago

Yeah, beat down those cheaters down. *looks at the riverbed in Overgrown on Call of Duty 4*

JackBNimble3600d ago

I highly doubt that they will really be able to stop cheating.
Zipper interactive used to talk about stopping cheaters aswell back in their socom days, and it never really worked.

But at least there is an effort I guess.

DarkTower8053599d ago

*also looks at the rock in Creek.*

PimpHandHappy3599d ago

i remember rooms devoted to finding and working on your glitches! PPL that cheat make me sick. Nothing worse then getting owned by someone under a map or shooting through walls

masterg3599d ago

I should be pretty simple.

Have a "report a cheater" button.
After a player has enough reports they enter a pool where Naughty Dog starts to monitor them. When they see a cheater they ban them from online for a month or so. This would make other people stop at once.

N2NOther3599d ago

I rarely play Creek because most people hate that map, but I play Overgrown a lot and as soon as I die from that glitch I leave the game. I'd rather take a loss than die a bunch of times because some a-hole's idea of fun is to ruin it for everyone else.

I really hope ND can stay on top this. I just don't understand the need to ruin someone else's fun.

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edwineverready3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

So if they take out the cheaters.I will have fun for months to come. problem with games like cod4 is that it is also on pc so there will be a lot of cheats that where made for pc that will come over to the console version.

MattyF3600d ago

That's true. The online MP in Uncharted 2 has been solid so far, so cheaters aren't a major concern yet. Good to know they'll be watching for them.

DanSolo3600d ago

I fvcking hate cheaters!

You have to be one sad lonely [email protected] to need to go online and cheat in a game just to make yourself feel like a big man!

I mean someone cheating in say... poker is bad, but at least they are trying to con you out of your money so I can understand their goal even though I don't like it. But cheating in an online computer game that has absolutely no profit to be made???
It just shows that some people are pretty much just pathetic losers with no wit or skill to call their own and rather than trying to develop their mental and physical skills, they just resort to their only recourse.... being a cheating pu$$y!

creeping judas3600d ago

I don't think that a cheater is necessarily a person with no skills. I think they are really hardcore gamers, because if they can find a glitch that the QA team wasn't able to catch, then they are playing hardcore.

What motivates them is the fact that they can boast about 1) finding the cheat 2) how may trophies/achievements they have 3)they are up high on the leader boards.

maybe that's why games like MW2 will have no online trophies/achievements?? To disinterest those cheaters??

boodybandit3600d ago

is those people that jump online and all they do is look for exploits to use. There are cheaters in nearly every online game I have ever played.

I recently got into NHL 2010 team play online and there are cheaters there as well. Doing some kind of break dance move into a rocket shot when it doesn't even look like they are in the act of shooting or passing.

I just ignore or laugh at them because they are pathetically sad individuals.

shikwan3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

You couldn't have stated that any better!!!

ThatCanadianGuy3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

Uncharted 2: Among thieves.The Best game ever made.Rivaled only by Uncharted, MGS4 and Killzone 2.

And soon to be rivaled by Heavy Rain, GT5, GOW3.
All only on, and, only possible on PlayStation 3.

Etseix3600d ago

and The Last Guardian

and LBP (on the fun factor)

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