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Pandamobile3597d ago

"However, the exchange is working out quite well for both developers since Halo 3: ODST for the Xbox 360 and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves for the Playstation 3 are two of the most acclaimed games of 2009 so far."

ODST has an average review score of 84. I wouldn't call that "one of the most acclaimed games of 2009 so far".

3596d ago
umair_s513596d ago

funny thing Halo 3 ODST,didn't receive a single perfect review score

IdleLeeSiuLung3596d ago

It's just the fanbois (here or elsewhere) that run their mouths like a toilet being flushed.

As we can all see, Naughty Dog respects Bungie and I'm sure Bungie does the same. It's the fanbois that are ugly and they probably don't even know it!!!

Hudahudahuda3596d ago

As long as bungie get's thier money Hardcore 360fans wouldn't care if it got 78/100.

SupaPlaya3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Bungie and others...

The difference between professionals and ... never mind.

Halo3 MLG Pro3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

HALO ODST got 9's and up from all the respected sites and mags like IGN, Game Informer, 1up, Gamespot, Edge, and Gamepro. If you look at the bottom of the metacritic scale you see unknown newbie sites called Gaming Nexus, BigPond Gaming Arena, Hellbored, The Onion, Teletext Channel, Wonderwallweb, etc... that gave it a 7 or lower. Clearly a case of an unknown site getting trying to get hits.

Definitely one of the most acclaimed games of 2009 so far. I personally just like to read Game Informer and they gave it a 93 which is a fantastic score. Only problem people are having with this beauty of a game is the price. The campaign is full of awesome and firefight is just pure multiplayer bliss.

Blaze9293596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

I'm guessing Bungie probably helped with the online/matchmaking part of the game and/or the cinema mode like Halo 3's theater mode.. Thats good to know.

Hmm ya know...I wonder what Bungie got in return becuase didnt they also make some news when they said "Uncharted 2 is amazing!"? Sounds like some kind of deal in helping to promote ND's game. Is Naughty Dog in return going to help Bungie in a new engine or whatever else department for Halo Reach?

Its so great to see great developers helping each other and spreading knowledge; better games in the end.

UnSelf3596d ago


whats even sadder than that is that u actually believe that trash ur spewing out ur mouth.

Ive seen the word blind used as a metaphor to describe fanboys shortsightedness, but i think ur a testament to the word being taken literally

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Jsynn73596d ago

.....Wow. Edge? Respected? Never in my life would I have thought someone would use "edge" and "respected" in the same sentence. That says a lot about Edge that only a true Red Ring Cultist would call Edge a "respected" site. You should've put Kotaku on your lsit too. You know you want to.

sikbeta3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

WTF why everyone bring Halo to this news, why you have to compare everything, the 2 games are in different leagues, by that logic why don't compare UC2 with any Mario game, This is not like Turn 10 when they talk sh*t about the competition and believe themselves like an orgasm to the public, this is ND saying Thanks, don't you get it, I don't care about games from another console, lets concentrate in UC2 and ND please

blind-reaper3596d ago

come on, don't be so harsh on ODST it is only .1 under inFAMOUS.

Deputydon3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

The Onion is hardly unknown. In fact, it's probably got more viewers/readers than IGN does.

EDIT: Oh and after checking the lower scores.


Eurogamer Spain.


Gamer's Hell.
Games Radar.
Eurogamer Italy.
The Onion.

Funny how all these websites are reliable when they give PS3 exclusives low scores...

To top it off, ODST doesn't have a single 10/10. Last I check Uncharted 2 had at least 23 perfect scores.

UnSelf3596d ago

lol @ Morganidiot

dude u couldve chose a more clever name. Maybe Morganfail or sumthing.

Now u just look stupid, which kinda works out for you cuz that was ur intention right?

Knghtz3596d ago

I agree Morganfail would have been much funnier. The guy must be pretty darn bored.

ultimolu3596d ago

Lordie, Uncharted 2 is AMAZING so far.

Drake, how do you even get in these situations? xDDD

Xbox Avatars Shoe3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Bungie is probably kicking themselves for selling the right to the Halo franchise to M$. They're probably thinking:

"Imagine what we could do on the PS3! full HD graphics, and a campaign longer than 6 hours without half of it being backtracking! Hell, we might even be able to make a game without a horrendous multitude of jaggies!"

Bungie is a good developer and so is Halo but it could be so much better on PS3. Notice how there's almost zero, if any, jaggies in LBP, KZ2 and U2.

At least there's no jaggies in Halo 3 /sarcasm

Bungie and M$'s own Major Nelson both said they're picking up U2 and that you should too. You know a game is good when your ruthless competition praises it.

NotSoSilentBob3596d ago

Guy above you!
Guy Above you!

Guy below you!
Guy below you!

Immortal Kaim3596d ago

It's called having respect for what other developers, and thus their 'competition' bring to the gaming industry. Some of you idiots should try it sometime :)

morganfell3596d ago

Well Ultimolu I will have to say that beginning was as satisfying as it comes. Nice to see the graphics have improved since the jaw dropping trailer that showed some of that same scene.

The way the brought in the 13 ships mystery was perfect.

Of course as soon as I was back on that ledge I started looking for treasure...

Xbox Avatars Shoe3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Hey, can you guys stop talking about specific levels of U2 in here? I haven't picked it up yet and I don't want any spoilers, even if they're very small ones like a location or somethiing. I'm completely broke so it's coming from GameFly on friday. You lucky Bass-Turds >;(

Thanks for understanding :)

IaMs123596d ago

Funny, FUNNY! man people who cares what the score of the game gets as long as you enjoyed it does it matter if it gets a -10? Seriously i hear tons of Ps3 owners saying they would buy UC2 no matter the score because they like the game not the score. I distinctly remember one saying "Even if the game sells 1 copy, it dont care because i know im that 1." Something along those lines. SO why is Halo ODST score any different then? People say its the best in the series, some dont. Some thing UC2 graphics are the best in everything, some dont (Sorry i didnt see what was say AMAZING OMG!!! INNOVATING IN YOUR FACE OMG the graphics were in UC2, you guys over hyped it for me.) BUT they were still amazing.

Just enjoy your games, PS3 people dont like Halo? GTFO Halo threads, WHO CARES WHAT YOU THINK THEN! Xbox people dont like Unchart 2? GTFO UNCHARTED 2 THREADS WHO CARES WHAT YOU THINK!

Why ruin it for people?

Xbox Avatars Shoe3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

The score matters because we want a great game to get the praise it deserves. Sure, we'll all enjoy it but we want others to know exactly how amazing it is.

We're not obsessed with sales numbers like the "other" group is, but we want a game to sell well because we want the developers to be rewarded for their great job. We don't brag about sales like the other group, but we still wish the best for the developer whom we admire. Sales numbers don't make a game better like the other group apparently thinks, but a great game deserves to be played by as many people as possible.

Uncharted 2 is an amazing game, so it deserves a great score and great sales.

IaMs123596d ago

I totally agree, with that statement but most fanboys dont think like that, they are well hypocrites. Halo deserves the same respect as any other IP, it really is amazing and im not doubting UC2 is amazing, i want to actually play it but i dont have a PS3..:( Maybe some day soon.

I see it as Halo is so cool now, its even cooler to hate it. Anyways just enjoy the games thats what counts, keep em coming devs! +Bubbles for understanding, maybe there are humans on this site lol

sikbeta3596d ago

Judging by the disagrees, it seems like everyone in this site don't enjoy games, only enjoy sales and comparisons, that's how articles from "" are top news here, If you don't have a PS3 why you care about every news about Playstation, If you don't have a xbox 360 why you care about news from that console and if you got a wii, do yourself a favour and buy a real console

Xbox Avatars Shoe3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

I have to admit that I don't really like Halo but I recognize that it's a great game. It's got a feature-rich multiplayer and an OK campaign with 4 player co-op, but I still just that don't like it. I hate the way the MP plays outs and I don't like Halo's super sci-fi elements. The campaign was meh but the 4 player co-op helped.

I particularly hate how the pattern of Halo's MP plays out in two ways:

1) Shoot for a long time while charging your opponent and then melee him, but even though you shot him just as much as he shot you and you melee'd him first, you're the only one that dies.

2) Throw grenade to take down their shield and then shoot them with two bullets for the kill. So many people do this so it's why not just make the game with weak shields? Team SWAT is fun but you die too quick and usually don't have any time to react when you get shot.

I also hate how one you get into a battle with someone and you win, if another person comes by within a few seconds, they easily kill you cus you only have half the shield they do.I don't like Resistance MP for the same reason so I always play custom games with modified damage. I prefer a game like CoD4 where I can take out a bunch of people at a time with about 5 bullets each, even if I'm low on health. I personally like U2's MP more than Halo 3's.

Not to mention Halo 3 lags a lot even though I have 12 mb/s fiber optic internet.

Like I said, I recognize that Halo 3 is a good game, it just doesn't fit my personal tastes.

I'm glad there hasn't been a lot of flame wars about U2 vs some 360 exclusive since U2 is clearly amazing. In fact, there's hardly been any 360 fanboys in the U2 articles, especially the amazing review articles. I would assume this is the reason why:

Death3596d ago

ND set out to make the best game they could period. Bungie started out with an expansion pack that grew. It isn't a new creative work, it's an expansion of a previous game using the same game engine. This isn't because Bungie wasn't capable of more, it's just what they set out to do. It's naive to think all devs just set out to make the ultimate game. Each product has it's own goals and budget. For ODST to get the critical praise that it has is a testament of how powerful the franchise is and a big compliment ot the developer that created it.

I've tried explaining this with Square and their "crappy" releases. These releases over the past couple years are what is funding Final Fantasy's long and very expensive development.


DERKADER3596d ago

They thanked other developers because they're not Sony fanboys. They appreciate what other developers do regardless of platform.

NotSoSilentBob3596d ago

quite funny 2 disagrees for an inside Uncharted 2 joke. Some children are just stupid and ignorant.

Enate3596d ago

I've got a feeling that trade off has something to do with Halo Reach. If it shows up to be just another FPS I'll know I was wrong but will see. On another note I really don't care its 5am an I haven't slept a bit, the anticipation of Uncharted 2 in the mail today is killing me.

Syronicus3596d ago

Did... you just say... EDGE? Respected site? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!111!!1111


bjornbear3596d ago

Give it a break...its his opinion, and he has the right to justify the quality of a game through "review scores"...remember, he's a fanboy.

If a game doesn't get good scores or sells loads, he isn't allowed to play it =/ don't ruin gaming for him...

+ ODST is probably the only shooter he gets this year until MW2...its sad =( i feel sorry...

The Lazy One3596d ago

Bungie didn't own the Halo IP when they launched CE. M$ owned bungie, and it's intellectual properties.

Bungie could have bought it back from M$, but it would have cost them more money than they'll make in the rest of their lives.

That said, the games industry itself isn't as brutal as the fanboys make it seem. Everybody shares a lot more than you'd expect, and almost everybody at least respects their major competition, and everybody respects and enjoys good games regardless of the platform.

Alvadr3596d ago

They should totally thank Gurella for helping them get rid of the screen tearing... Was the only thing I didnt like about U1.

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James Bond3596d ago

Why didn't Halo 3 ODST look better than?

kevinx10003596d ago

because it's the halo 3 engine?

rawd3596d ago

Dammit Bond, you are clever

AngryTypingGuy3595d ago

"However, the exchange is working out quite well for both developers since Halo 3: ODST for the Xbox 360 and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves for the Playstation 3 are two of the most acclaimed games of 2009 so far."

I LOVE Halo, but any technology that Naughty Dog shared with Bungie didn't show up in ODST. I'm not taking anything away from it since I have a hard time putting the controller down when I play it (and isn't that what a game is really all about?), but the reason it doesn't look better is simply because they used the same outdated graphics engine of Halo 3. The game doesn't look bad, but it's not breaking any graphical boundaries any time soon.

Halo: Reach on the other hand will look significantly better since it's receiving a whole new engine.

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Anorexorcist3596d ago

I only laugh at that not because it is genuinely funny or witty, but just because how stupid it sounds. No offense DonCorneo.

ARog343596d ago

I'm all for it... :D

Brings back good memories of CTR...

BonhamZ0S03596d ago

Bungie was thanked so that when compared side to side, Uncharted 2 would be even more amazing than previously thought.

zootang3596d ago

Naughty Dog thanked people because they have class, unlike some developers

I don't need to name, names. We are all aware of them

SupaPlaya3596d ago

Happy Birthday to "Them"

caladbolg7773596d ago

Congratulations! They just turned 10!

VegaShinra3596d ago

Companies always thank other developers who either helped inspire ideas or concepts.

KiRBY30003596d ago

take Turn 10 for exemple, they keep thanking Polyphony ALL THE TIME for the inspiration and concept.

Dareaver13596d ago

get off it already. Turn10 thanked Poly because they got them into racing games.... You blind fanboys hear and see what you want.

So far Forza 3 sounds like it will be awesome, and even Eurogamer said that it's deserving of considering itself definitive.

Now whether you agree or disagree, it's up to you. But this is gaming, a great hobby to be into. Competition pushes the envelope forwards.

Naughty is a classy developer and UC2 looks Amazing and so far has been said to play Amazing. Halo series has always been awesome to me. I've thoroughly enjoyed all of them, and thought they were epic. The fact that these two Classy Devs are communicating and trying to bring more to gaming then you all class-less fanboys is a testament in character.

It's really sad the bad label many of you fanboys are giving gaming. One would think that gamers are all 7yr old brats.

If you don't like a game, then don't play it. But don't go on a tirade complaining to the people who love the game. I mean seriously, what are you looking for, converts.... Grow up, you did your job by buying the game, hence supporting the studio. But that's it, you don't own the companies nor the intellectual rights. So stop all the bickering and fighting and just be gamers.

For the love of all that's great about gaming, stop the childish crap.