Has Dead SpaceBeen Bettered by Its Wii Offspring?

It's clear by now that the Wii is a wholly different beast from the other two 'current' generation consoles. A weird control scheme, coupled with hardware that can't compete with the big boys has meant that developers seeking to make the same game on the Wii as on its two older siblings have quickly found themselves hitting dead ends.

EA have realised this quicker than most, and Dead Space Extraction is the perfect example of this. It celebrates the fact that it's on the Wii rather than trying to get around it, and it manages to feel truly at home on the console.

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EvilTwin3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )


Lemme get this straight...the whole angle of this article is that Extraction tells a more focused and more coherent story (which is bound to happen with a shorter game)...and that it feels a bit more alive because you see people's reactions and there's simply more focus on in-game characters?

OK, so it might tell a better story than the original Dead Space.

Better graphics? No.
More content? No.
Better gameplay? IMO, no. (Nothing against on-rails, but I like other games more.)
More re-playability? Maybe, if you love rail shooters.

It looks to be a damn good rail shooter. But being a rail shooter generates all the problems of that genre -- game length, variety and replay factor.

Venox20083602d ago

It's still a very good game, nice graphics, a lot of action, and a little bit spooky :) I finished it with pleasure :) and I WILL do it again someday :)