Splinter Cell Conviction: The Dynamic Environment

The fourth of IGN's five days of Splinter Cell looks at how Sam can interact with the environment. And how it will react back.

"First of all, everything in Conviction -- and I mean everything -- is dynamic and bound to be pushed over, thrown or broken," says Daniel Roy, Associate Producer for Conviction. "This isn't just a dozen objects in the environment; it's everything, from the staplers on a desk, to the desks themselves."

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thatdude4586d ago

WTF is Sam wearing?
is this still gonna be a stealth based game?
no sneak suit?

giovonni4586d ago

Yes, it is still going to be a stealth based game. However, this Splinter cell is more realistic then any one we have played thus far. What makes this game's I dea great is the possible ways Sam will be able to hide with in a mass of people, push a desk over to get away from enemies and so on. This game looks like most of the sneaking will be done in the day time, so Sam must blend in with people. This is why you see him looking like an average joe.

FirstknighT4586d ago

Looks to be the best Splinter Cell in the series. I cant wait. 360 ownage!

deeplies24586d ago

Ps3 is equal or more powerful than 360, with equal or more exclusives than the 360 yet you said "360 ownage".

power of Green 4586d ago

Whats the difference in what he said vs what you're saying?. you couldn't resist deffending the PS3 making up facts could you?.

Lyberator4586d ago (Edited 4586d ago )

Why the fuk does it matter? and if the ps3 was so great you wouldnt be in the 360 comments all the time defending it. Get the hell off, this is our game. Same goes for people in the ps3 section.

candystop4586d ago

Now that's pretty! This could be the Splinter cell that brings it home like part one did for me! I wonder what the multiplayer is going to be like and when are we going to get to see some type of trailer?

THE TERMINATOR4586d ago (Edited 4586d ago )

If Ubisoft actually took their time making a Splinter Cell game instead of churning out sequel after sequel every year maybe it would actually be decent. At the moment there games have been poor and rushed and this looks no different. MGS series kills Splinter Cell!!!!

_insane_cobra4586d ago (Edited 4586d ago )

Actually, there are three teams working on Splinter Cell games (Ubisoft Montreal, Ubisoft Shanghai and Ubisoft Annecy) so that's how they manage to release a new game every year. Also, this new game is supposed to be completely different than anything we've ever seen in the series.

giovonni4586d ago

Splinter cell is a much better Stealth game compared to Metal Gear, It's also much more realistic. Pick locks, doors, crack safes, record conversations to use to get through voiced command doors, Finger print recorder to use on the right person to get you though an information sensitive door. It's not as fast pace as metal gear, because you have to think, and there are a lot of different ways you can approach a mission. The only thing Splinter Cell loses to metal gear is through popularity. Other then that, Splinter cell is one of the best sneaking games of this time. Metal gear is a great game, but it doesn't out do Sam and the Splinter cell Series.

giovonni4586d ago

If someone is going to disagree at least comment on why because I'm intrested in knowing what other game touchs Splinter when it comes to it's stealth, and hands on game play

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The story is too old to be commented.