Play Magazine: Shadow Complex Review

Play Magazine: "I like the way ChAIR thinks. I may not agree with every decision they make, but when it comes to game design, we're at least on the same chapter. The idea of a story-driven Super Metroid-style side-scrolling XBLA game with a big enough budget to give it some serious tech, is, well...the dream. It's the game that I've been waiting to play."

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callahan093596d ago

Good review.

The main thing missing from Shadow Complex that keeps it from being great is teleportation rooms. It can be just entirely too cumbersome exploring the large map without the ability to teleport between key locations. Shadow Complex was good, but not great. It frankly doesn't even hold a candle to Symphony of the Night as far as Super Metroid-inspired games go. SotN has a full RPG experience with tons of items and equipment to collect, more abilities, a wider set of graphical styles with way more unique locales and a vastly bigger variety of enemies, and some design decisions that are better such as the teleportation rooms. So for my money, Shadow Complex is just a nice novelty, a good game that I got to play through once. But in the future, when I want to play this kind of game again, I'm going to still go back to Symphony of the Night, like I've been going back to for over a decade now, before I'd ever go back and play Shadow Complex again.