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GameSpot writes: "Whether it's excellent vocal performances from heavy hitters of metal or a strong multiplayer element, Brutal Legend is a game that continually surprises, and it does so in a genuinely fun and interesting way. And Double Fine deserves some major respect for keeping so many aspects of the game closely tied to its subject matter. Of course, Brutal Legend also has some shortcomings. The secondary missions are weak and the single-player campaign lasts about seven hours if you're not too keen on unlocking every single last shrine or secret item. In that respect, it's unfortunate that there's just not more of the good stuff, such as the on-foot missions with boss battles or more fleshed-out side quests. Otherwise, Brutal Legend is just about the finest tribute to this genre of music that a fan could hope for, and its successful execution of real-time strategy elements in an action setting is something that should get everyone off their feet and clapping".

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tatotiburon3598d ago

there are plenty of games with short campaigns and gemspot gave them 9.0 or more.

Lame review

Hildor_muthafo3598d ago

Halo ODST had a short campaign.. didn't stop that game from getting some high scores. WHAT GIVES?!

Unicron3598d ago


Oh wait... now people are starting to see that reviews lack any kind of consistency! Finally!

Darkstorn3598d ago

Picking it up with the Toys R Us deal along with Uncharted 2 and NG Sigma 2.
Good review, but I'm hoping the campaign isn't as short as they say.

TheIneffableBob3598d ago

Reviews aren't based solely on how long they are.

Darkstorn3598d ago

I cannot play online. The single-player experience is everything for me.

SupaPlaya3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Nathan Drake: "Well payback is a b!tch!"

Ok now it's my turn: "You people need to stop complaining. 8.5 is a great score. Anyone who complains must be an id10t."


Again, a good score does not mean people don't have the right to question the reasoning behind the score, especially when it's inconsistent scoring from the same reviewer from the same site.

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TIKUP3598d ago

Man this games looks sick!

DonCorneo3598d ago

IGN xbot 1: hmmm, let's overrate this POS to steal some thunder from Uncarted 2

IGN xbot 2: yeah, it might also make our xbot readers feel a bit better knowing that they have a game that is almost as good as Uncharted 2. there's only a 0.2 difference.

October 13th 2009 is the day the greatest game will be released. but don't feel bad xbots. you have Brutal Legend (84 in meta)


ambientFLIER3598d ago

So every website is supposed to have an identical score?

TheMART3598d ago

See the PS3 tards above.

8.5 is suddenly mediocre. Right. I can mention a list of games the PS3 droids say are AAA that scored around 8 out of 10 average. Warkhawk, Heavenly Sword, Motorstorm 1&2 GT5p... The list goes on and on.

Droids keep amazing me. You feel the need to defend a non original just doing the safe same things like Uncharted 2, although done in a very fine and good crafted way, you're that insecure about what you buy compared to a original game like Brutal Legend?

Tards these days...

Saaking3598d ago

To me
9-10= first day buy
8-8.0= first month
7-7.9= I'll buy when it's 20-40 bucks
6.9 or lower= rent or when it's dirt cheap.

cmrbe3598d ago

you guys started it back in 2007 to claim that U1,HS,MS were flops because they didn't get 90+ on meta.

Karma is a b1tch ain't.

Man_of_the_year3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Actually, what the 360 fanboys were doing was rubbing those scores in the faces of the PS3 fanboys because the PS3 fanboys were acting like every PS3 exclusive was the next coming of Christ and was going to destroy the 360. So when the scores came out and were much less than the HYPE all the Sony Fanboys were yelling, the 360 fanboys used it to shut the Ps3 fanboys mouths.

I don't see as much HYPE BS anymore by the sony fanboys, it's like they have been humbled. I think there was less BS Hype for UC2 than there was when Haze was first announced. Funny how UC2 is getting AWESOME reviews and has everyones attention with much less HYPE BS but back when Haze was being announced it had Horrible reviews. I think this is a positive for Sony Fanboys, i really do. They have calmed down with HYPE TRAIN...and then games like UC2 come out and the reviews are Perfect across the're right, Karma is a funny thing.

cmrbe3598d ago

what a load of sh1t. You x360 fanboys loved to point out in 2007 that none of PS3 exclusives were 90+ on meta which you idiots equates to flops.

When Froza 3 dosent sell a million copies on first day i am going to call it a flop as well.

You reap what you sow.

shutupandplay3598d ago

Man of the year is spot on. Waiting, overhyping and failing are all part of ps3 fanboy second nature.

Man_of_the_year3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Sorry you feel that way, but you are WRONG. You only think that is a load of Sh1t because you are a sony fanboy. What the 360 fans were doing is retaliating to the BS Sony exclusive HYPE found on this site by the Sony Fanboys. Now the Sony Fanboys all talk about graphics, so in retaliation, the xbox fanboys use sales as a point that it's not just how pretty something is, it also has to be fun with great gameplay in order to sell. Great graphics doesn't mean people will want the game.

I am suprised that you couldn't see that coralation. Actually...maybe i'm not.

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