Sony talks God of War III

Surely, Sony Computer Entertainment would be mad not to bring its flagship gore-fest God of War to the PlayStation 3 - and if the latest hints are anything to go by the Santa Monica studio is at least considering it.

"There's definitely the enthusiasm of us wanting to do that, to make the God of War III," series director Cory Barlog told ShackNews, "but there's obviously no commitment to that right now."

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Bathyj4764d ago

Just announce it already. We all know its coming. Early next year would be good.

Vojkan4764d ago

For that kind of game and if we consider all new engine and technology they will have to use on PS3, its going to take them minimun 2 years.

I think Sony will announce it on this years E3, they are now focused on GOW for PSP so take it easy people

QuackPot4763d ago (Edited 4763d ago )

Have to agree with Vojkan. They'll need to be major reworking to get the most out of the Ps3.

Also, GoW3 will need to change its look and feel from its step up to being a next gen game - it can't be just a prettier looking GoW2.

The developers of GoW3 need to change the perspective similar to Gears of War so the player gets more involved in whole spectacle of the game.

Need we forget, exploring possible net play or multiusers. Alot to think about over the next 2 years.

sajj3164764d ago

Agreed Bathyj. They will tease us to death until it is finally confirmed by Sony. Maybe a trailer at E3 ... teaser trailer of course.

Violater4764d ago

It will be at least 2 years before we see this game in a playable state (alpha).

Amplifier4764d ago (Edited 4764d ago )

I disagree we will be seeing at the most a year from E3 2007, yes in Alpha form.


PS360WII4764d ago

They take there time. I'm not a fan of franchises that go the yearly route except sports because it's kind of their thing. I think they would have to get a new engine going for it to optimize it for the PS3 along with getting all new bosses from mythology and get the levels down and make the whole experience like it's been. We might see a blip this E3 but no way will it be playable.

JohnCarpenter4764d ago

But what do we have to expect? Nearly every well known hero of the greek mythology has already been killed by kratos.
Some kind of remake would be lame.
Btw: I was not so impressed by the flying / gliding sectors. Felt exactly like Raziel in Soul Reaver.
But GOW 1+2 are great games after all.

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The story is too old to be commented.