New Technology Could Store 1TB on a DVD Sized Disc

MATTERIS Ltd., a start-up company created under Israel's leading technological incubator, has developed a proprietary holographic storage system that is far superior to previous holographic storage technologies thanks to the use of nano-materials.

By using nano-particles, MATTERIS has been able to place millions of bits grouped in holograms, which makes possible to utilize the volume instead of the surface of the medium. Each hologram is made of 1000 x 1000 bits and it's this innovative array that makes possible to store 1 Terabyte (1000 Gigabytes) on a standard 120mm disc.

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joemutt6581d ago

HD too, this is why I wont pick a side, as soon as I do, this will come out. I know it will be a while, but you dont know how bad my luck is.

You want this to come out soon? Buy me a blu-ray and hologram discs will be out next week, that is how bad my luck is.

specialguest6581d ago (Edited 6581d ago )

you or any of us are not going to buy an HVD player anytime soon. right now, it cost $15,000 for one. after 10 yrs, MAYBE it'll be affordable. by that time, Blu-Ray and HD-DVD will be in every home.

like some of the others said, don't get all worked up over this technology. it's like getting all excited over a mainframe or a supercomputer, we'll never ever be able to afford one.

ghostface6581d ago

u have to look at the drive force behind blu-ray n hd-dvd. they have the backing of the top movie studio n software company. so right now it still blu-ray or hd-dvd you have to be concern with.

Marriot VP6581d ago

GIVE IT A REST, holographic isn't needed nor wanted by the movie industry or anyother industry. It's abilities are useless to them.

Tell me besides a few people in the nation that would need 1000gb. Not to mention the astronomical cost compared to blu-ray and HD-DVD.

BOOSTIN6581d ago

just cause it CAN store 1000gb doesnt make it worthwhile to the average consumer. the cost would be crazy and the technology useless to near everyone.

OutLaw6581d ago

I have to agree with Paul and Boostin. Just because something is made doesn't necessarily mean we need it at the moment. Lets try to get by Blu-Ray and HD-DVD first.

DG6581d ago

They are crying oceans not rivers about DVD pirates. Imagine a person could fit 20 HD quality movies on one disc. The film industry would go to shambles. 50-200GB is good enough for now. Plus I know MS will push holographic discs in 1010. Come on you gotta give credit to sony for pushing a product they have partial copyrights to. Thats like having royalties off of every piece of music being sold. Its genius.

Dragonopolis6580d ago (Edited 6580d ago )

who comment on stuff they absolutely no little about.
1. Movie industry is very interested because of the speed, size, amount, disk integrety or in other words the accuracy/purity of data recorded, durabiliy/longevity of Holographic Storage Technology. Movie and Broadcasting Industry have actual help several companies test and have publically give the thumbs up to the technology. Now its just a matter of getting it to where it iss economical to buy. Same reason why we consumers haven't seen any of the new Television technologies yet. We given our thumbs up to SED and OLED but we haven't seen them yet in mass quantities because they aren't ready for the primetime yet.
2. Any copy protection scheme can pretty much be adapted or reversed engineered to work with any storage medium. It's ignorance to suggest that Blu-ray or HD-DVD is the only storage medium that will ever be secure. If Holographic storage is adopted I'm sure the Movie Industry will get its protection.
3. Holographic Storage technology is unique in that it can be used in a moving spinning disc or a non-moving card reader. There was a story here on digg about it. I for one liked it (there's picture of it on the website). The neon yellowish card look very futureistic and stylish. I'm sure other colors and creative looks could be created. If you can't find the digg here is the website/page:
Optware also stated that technically the card could be reduce to the size of a small memory card. Think about it, a 30 gig storage device that is Nintendo DS cartridge size or less with disk access speeds many times faster than blu-ray or HD-DVD. Actually, several companies have found ways to increase Holographic Storage significantly since all the buzz in 2005. Inphase announce awhile back that they found a way to double their storage capacity. Its safe to say others will follow as well.
Bottom-line Holographic storage technology is the future - that is when they figure out how to Make the darn Drives cheap enough for us little people to buy. You have to admit though that 30 gigs for a $1 is way cheaper than the price Blu-ray and HD-DVD guys want us to pay for a Blank 25-30 gig disc.

Just because Holographic Storage is capable of reaching fanastic amounts of storage doesn't mean that it can't be used in smaller amounts or makes it inferior to consumers. That would be like saying now that Harddrive companies have created Terabyte Harddrives that makes Harddrive technology obsolete just because they've created Harddrives that store more informattion than we consumers may never use.

Using some of your philosophies above let us now go to our computers an rid ourselves of evil harddrives that we have been tricked in to believing that would always remain small and simple. Down with the harddrive its no good to us any more because it has reached mass amount of storage that we will never need. Lets go back to the floppy. It never let us down.

Off with its Head!

(for those uneducated folks who don't get this joke There is a part in Harddrives called Head)

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