Section 8 review - Starsiege: Tribes re-incarnated?

Section 8 is an innovative shooter that combines familiar FPS multiplayer elements with a few twists to create a unique, engaging multiplayer shooter. If Starsiege: Tribes and Battlefield 2 had a love child, it would be something like Section 8.

Tribes re-incarnated?
When I wrote about the 'death' and impending resurrection of Starsiege: Tribes, I didn't realize I'd get to see Tribes both resurrected (through Playtribes) and, to some degree, re-incarnated. Section 8 clearly draws some inspiration from Starsiege:Tribes, but also makes its own mark on the team-based multiplayer genre. While it doesn't re-write the genre and could benefit from more maps and game modes, Section 8 offers enough unique elements and solid game play to be worth a spot on your game shelf. It's great looking, too.

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