Ratchet and Clank : A Crack in Time New Features Doc

Insomniac Games takes time to discuss the new, unique aspects of A Crack in Time.

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woolley3600d ago

I wasn't too sure about this game until i watched the vid and now I'm excited to play it.

Blaster_Master3600d ago

This is my most anticipated single player goty. Sure Uncharted is phenomenal, but Ratchet has been my niche since the ps2 days. Of course, this is coming from somebody who still loves and plays Spyro 1,2, and 3.

woolley3600d ago

I loved the other Ratchet games but what they were showing about the game before just felt kind of meh to me.

acedoh3599d ago

really looking forward to this game. I had never played a Ratchet and Clank game until their debut on the PS3 which was awesome. I think this game should do very well this holiday season...

Cajun Chicken3599d ago

Play Ratchet 2&3 on PS2. I implore you.

calis3599d ago

You gotta play R&C. awesome series

rbluetank3599d ago

how in the hell am i going to pay my car note this month if i buy this Ratchet and Clank : A Crack in Time tooo...!! lol i guess i will be catching the bus for the rest of this month. lol i will be buying this game as well... this is going to be the last game i buy this year.... i think. lol this is the last Sony Exclusive this year;RIGHT! lol

xabmol3599d ago

I have no pants. Only shorts. I just bought Uncharted 2, Brutal Legend, and Demon's Souls. I have the GoW collection and R&C:aCiT reserved.

This will be a cold winter.

Blaster_Master3599d ago

If you cant afford the car with Ratchet, how was you gonna pay for gas to go to work? LOL!

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