Blow up Japanese girls' skirts in iPhone game

"Remember back in the puritanical days of iPhone apps, where the closest you could get to naughty business was the ankle-flashing app?

Well, things haven't much improved, but with the app PUFF!, we are that much closer to full on hentai gaming.

BottleCube's new entry into the appstore will have you rubbing your sweaty palms together, as you blow up the skirts of innocent young Japanese women."

Source: AATG

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mrv3213600d ago

If you say anything about Japan being full of pedophiles you don't really look at the big picture.

Japan while it may be catared more toward Sex and Sex games, this promotes a HEALTHIER Sexual relationship and as such STI's aren't as much cause for concern in Japan compared to western countries who look poorly upon it. Britain I believe has a level of HIV of about 2%, which is fairly high. Japans rate is more than ten fold lower and that's a high estimate. Japan does however look poorly on a communal level on FPS and generally violent games. If you where from another planet and would look at both cultures you'd see Japan as far more advanced.

If I said to you, Adult in America stay indoors and pretend to kill people in a FPS mode while Adults in Japan have games orientated at sex something that most humans experience in life. Which would you rather be.

While I'm not proclaiming FPS are bad or stupid, I play them A LOT, I am simply saying don't look to poorly on Japan, you must remember firstly they developed differently due to a language barrier and second America looks poorly upon sex and have lead to a very clossed enviroment for talking about it which thankfully now they are attempting to break free of with far less biased Sexual Education classes.

Japan is also far more into social gaming, which 100's of like minded people collecting around areas to play games, these areas are FAR superior to online gaming as a social experience and we have few things to compare it to in the western world.

Please don't say something that you should be educated enough not to say,

lew773600d ago

It's a lot lower and closer than you think

UK has a HIV infection rate of 0.14%
Japans has a HIV infection rate of 0.4%

Over half of new cases reported in the UK are from persons from africa(55%)
One quarter are from men who were infected via same sex relationships.(35%)

People in japan used to consider HIV to be a foreigners disease but 90% of new cases are from japanese nationals.

Japan is one of the few developed countries who's HIV infection rate continues to increase every year (UK's currently going down), You can go into percentages all day but at the end of the day the difference isn't huge.

btw i didn't give you the disagree.

Sitdown3600d ago

afraid that its not that black and white. How are you defining healthier? Talking about sex is not has Taboo as it once was, and as much as you would want us to believe. Here, let me show you how I can easily flip your statement.

If I said to you, Adults in American have games oriented toward virtual shooting ranges where you experience the history of war, something that most humans have been effected by, while Adults in Japan stay indoors and pretend to have sexual experiences with programmed objects. Which would you rather be. See how easy it is to skew perception through the use of words. As somebody who spends a lot of time in high school, I can tell you that sex is being talked about, but what's considered appropriate is culturally defined...therefore how you report on healthy and unhealthy is ultimately defined by your consideration of what is acceptable. I would dare say sexual relationships in Japan are not healthier, but sexual escapades are more accepted and the culture more desensitized.

mrv3213599d ago

I am saying Japan promotes a healthier sex lifestyle, but I whole heartily agree with both of you simply because it's not clear cut and my view changes day to day.

But well done, the few people on the internet who do not use the animinity as an excuse for swearing and replusive language.


GamerSciz3600d ago

This brings new meaning to fingering a girl...

Neo Nugget3600d ago

I like the first comment posted here better :P

Pixolator3600d ago

I just check this out about 2 days ago and it keeps you entertain for 5 minutes at most and gets old pretty quickly it's like there is 3 puff levels and repeated video for each girl. Bottom line it's very repetitive and gets boring quick.

Close_Second3600d ago

...when its not your daughter isn't it?

Justifying pornography is almost as ridiculous as justifying piracy.

Boink3600d ago

one's a job and the others a crime.

if someone is happy in their job, regardless of what that job is in you esteemed moral opinion, then I don't see the problem.

porn is not illegal, regardless of how many right wing/wife cheating/closet homosexuals want it to be, it's not...

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