Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Go Figure | PS Review writes:

Attention to detail
Next-gen graphics are here
Fighting mechanics
Campaign Story
Hints (press up on d-pad)

Twisting plots (just kidding) – None

Final Thought: When people talk about Next-Gen gaming simply put Uncharted 2: Among Thieves should be the answer. Blu-ray finally shows us what the PlayStations 3 processor can hold, and it can hold a whole lot. Snow tracks… remember? (read above). The voice acting, gameplay, fighting mechanics and detailed graphics make this an instant "Game of The Year" candidate. The multiplayer is solid and incorporating stealth was a smart choice. If you didn't read our review, then take this last line as your lazy reading synopsis. Go out and Buy This Game Now! (If this game isn't a 10 nothing is)

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James Bond3602d ago

Twisting plots (just kidding) – None"

Cwalat3602d ago

lmao, i thought that was hilarious.

Good review.

AKNAA3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

O.M.G!!! This game is so F$#Kin' Gorgeous!!! I'm at the jungle section fighting along side sully and I must say that the graphics are so damn breath taking, so amazing!! I'm like almost speechless...
I swear, anybody who hates on this game is probably the biggest 1diot/ Fanboy known to man! there is absolutely No reason to dislike this game.

I can guarantee that even 360 Owners will enjoy this game if they play it for at least an hour or 2!
Every PS3 owner must buy this Game! hell, every video gamer needs to buy this game! yes! the hype is real and its that AWESOME!!!
5/5 and this is just playing a couple hrs. into it, lol!

LSDARBY3602d ago

I guarantee MW2 gets GOTY from majority of the media. This will definitely be nominated though. Its a shame tbh.