Major Nelson to buy Uncharted 2

Major Nelson: "I'll have to pick up UnCharted 2 this week. It's being very well received. Congrats to @Naughty_Dog on a job well done!"

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Genesis53601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Congrats to Major Nelson. His acknowledgement and praise for the developer is commendable.

LiquifiedArt3601d ago

You lost respect, which isn't easily gained.

Tinted Eyes3601d ago

Even they cant resist the beauty that is Uncharted 2

deadreckoning6663601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

I don't thk people realize that most developers on both fronts have all three next-gen consoles.

Just because Nelson works for M$ doesn't mean hes "banned" from owning and enjoying other consoles. He STILL may prefer the 360, but that doesn't mean he MUST deny himself of a great game. This really isn't new, I bet plenty of people on the M$ front played MGS4 when it came out.

Lifendz3601d ago

I guess you can't help but appreciate a game like Uncharted 2. MS must laugh themselves dizzy when they sell 2 million in 24 hours off DLC while Naughty Dog produces Uncharted 2 and hopes to sell that much total, let alone day one.

UnSelf3601d ago

even a Major has to salute a God (Dog)

darthv723601d ago

he is the 360 spokesperson doesnt mean he cant enjoy gaming on other systems as well.

He also plays the wii. Will his remarks about UC2 change peoples views of him...probably not. Some haters will just continue to hate on him because he still represents the 360 community.

somerandomdude3601d ago

if only we could have a staff member of turn 10 admit that they are going to pick up GT5.

Well at least some people have class.

dragonelite3601d ago

Dont know but Dan have said like a bazzilion times that he is a GT fan that GT was his inspiration for the Forza franchise. I know for sure that PD devs play Forza 3 too.

Blaze9293601d ago

Yes...becuase working for a company means you cannot support/buy the competition's products.

Why must everything be turned into a fanboy antic. This is not news. Major Nelson has expressed many times that he owns and enjoys his PS3. Did it with Killzone 2 as well. He's a GAMER...unlike some of the people on this site.

somerandomdude3601d ago

Because this is N4G.

But hey, Major Nelson is showing class, as is Naughty Dog. So then isn't this a gamers antic to lessen fanboyism on both sides of the N4G realm.

RockmanII73601d ago

I listen to his podcast and about a month ago he even had a 10 minute long interview with one of the creators of Scribblenauts.

Bathyj3601d ago

If he wants to be thought of as a gamer, why wouldn't he get it? Imagine never having played Zelda or Sonic because you didn't like Nintendo or Sega.

It would be your loss.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3601d ago

Man, you know a game is good when it's ruthless competition praises it.

REALgamer3601d ago

A lot of the people involved in the industry visit eachother, focus test at other studios, provide support or help with tools, and generally enjoy being a part of the game developer community.

After all, most developers have worked in at least 3 studios, including first AND third parties.

I think it just shocks a lot of people that the developers aren't rabid fanboys like many of the consumers who haunt N4G and other sites.

Naughty Dog thanks Bungie and Infinity Ward in credits. Bungie plays Uncharted 2 MP. 360 spokesperson comments on the quality of Naughty Dog's amazing game.

The world could be so much happier if fanboys took some lessens from the developers they idolize. I'm sure many are embarrassed by some of their fanatical followers that declare them gods and trash every other studio (that most have friends or previous workmates in!).

DMason3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

@Real Gamer

Well said. But it's like world peace: It makes perfect sense but it will never happen. There's plenty of people who advocate harmony between gamers, but then there's those people that just LOVE to HATE.

Unfortunately, N4G is the biggest pit of despair that I've seen across the board. I've frequented plenty of gaming websites but never have seen the hatred and immaturity that I've witnessed here.

On Topic:

Uncharted 2 is shaping up great. I popped it in last night, played enough to get to the stealth section (with my girlfriend watching).
I prefer my 360 to my PS3, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy a dynamite game. I would be stupid to hate on a system for no valid reason.

RAZORLAND3601d ago

that was my first reaction, but MN was asked in an interview if he owned a PS3 and he said yeah, so... I cant wait to hear HIS review....

Bnet3433601d ago

I don't see how this is surprising. People in the industry aren't fanboys. Jaffe said he thought Gears 2 was one of the best console experiences he had in 2008. Though I disagree, can't fault the man for liking a game not on the PS3. And Bungie also said Uncharted 2 is awesome. Major Nelson is no exception. Everyone who listens to his casts knows he has a PS3.

Ravage273601d ago

that not every1 from M$ side is as retarded as T10's staff.

Major_Tom3601d ago

Tell that to Ballmer, he yelled and told one of his employees to get out when he saw that he had an iPhone.

The XBOT3601d ago

it came with 2 games that I sold and I bought all the PS3 exclusives. Next is Uncharted 2 when I get some money. My name is just a tease. I am a mature gamer with 25 years of hard core gaming. I will never miss a good game. Now I have the 360, the wii, the ps3 and a good gaming PC. Cheers for all. Its good to be a gamer!

Sarcasm3600d ago

"Tell that to Ballmer, he yelled and told one of his employees to get out when he saw that he had an iPhone. "

Uhh when was this? The only time I recall Ballmer was jokingly pretending to stomp on an iphone.

sayedstafa3600d ago

someone is getting fired

Microsoft Xbox 3603600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

"People in the industry aren't fanboys."

Not entirely true. *Looks at Turn 10* Stealth trolling on neogaf, lies, insults to GT5, etc...

And outside of gaming, MS's own Steve Ballmer hates the iPhone. Like literally hates it.

Non-fanboys huh?

This is a competing industry, what you hear on the net is all PR and kiss ass statements. Behind the scenes are different. You can bet a lot of shtt-talking happens. If you refuse to believe that then you're in denial.

drdre743600d ago

Just because someone works for Microsoft shouldnt mean that they can't be a true gamer. If you are a gamer you buy good games no matter who made it or who you work for. Plus how do you make better product if you dont play what others are doing? I just hope rumors don't start that he's jumping to Naughty Dog to work lol!

Leathersoup3600d ago

Just because I work for GE doesn't mean I have to buy their light bulbs. ;)

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iTzNath3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Even the xbots want to play this game

Nitrowolf23601d ago

Well some of them already said this game is going multiplat
so clearly they want this game and they don't know the meaning of FIRST PARTY OWN BY SONY

Anorexorcist3601d ago

LOL, F*cking ridiculous indeed. Their stupidity and delusionism knows no bounds!

Surfman3601d ago

anyway this game cant be done on a xbox

BYE3601d ago

It's not the first Sony game they are desperate to play.

Orange3601d ago

He's the community manager. He's a schmoozer. You say good things about a quality developer. You never know when they might want to expand their horizons. And if they have no ill will toward the MS camp....

Well, nice try Mayor Nelson.

AliTheBrit3601d ago

Well if He's buying the game he's clearly not an xbot or a fanboy

F*cking moron, for once would it hurt you to, oh I dont know, use your brain?

Orange3601d ago

"Well if He's buying the game he's clearly not an xbot or a fanboy"

1. I think the original poster is being lazy, not stupid, and lumping Major Nelson in with people dedicated to all-things-xbox because Nelson is someone who's on Microsoft's payroll. And I mean that in a literal sense. He actually collects a check from Microsoft.

2. Last I checked, Major Nelson isn't Jesus, so I think it's "he's" and not "He's."

"F*cking moron, for once would it hurt you to, oh I dont know, use your brain?"

- You, sir, are clearly a genius.

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iTzNath3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Brilliant game, I pre ordered the collectors edition through game

raztad3601d ago

Does this mean Major Nelson has a PS3? Even the biggest 360 fan needs to play this game.

BTW, I finished playing UC:Drakes Fortune just to get ready for UC2. It was a great/fun game but the gunplay never got me immersed. I mean KZ2 was a nervous ride, constantly sweating trying to keep Sev alive but the same didnt happen to me in UC1. I think it was the weak AI (compared with KZ2's) and the lack of recoil/power of the weapons. If UC2 has those "issues" fixed it will be an incredible game.

JOLLY13601d ago

He's has had a ps3 for a long time.

ZombieNinjaPanda3601d ago

Weak AI?

What difficulty did you play on? Took me hours to get past certain parts on crushing.

SARGEHALO6663601d ago

... for a very long time.

He has all the consoles and plays everything.

He even had the developers for Scribblenuts in a recent podcast and that's a DS game!

Marceles3601d ago

Uncharted had some of the best flanking AI and dodging enemy animations in any game I've ever played. That's the last thing someone should complain about in the game lol.

Cenobia3601d ago

It sounds like you should have played on a higher difficulty.

I found the AI pretty challenging. They try to flank a lot and force you into the open. I didn't mind the guns either, but I played KZ2 way after Uncharted, so that might be the reason you see it that way. Killzone's shooting is a lot more challenging.

saint_john_paul_ii3601d ago

all those issues are fixed. Im playing it right now! Believe the Hype :D

Pandamobile3601d ago

Difficulty rarely changes the actual AI.

If the AI's dumb, it's dumb. Playing on the hardest difficulty isn't going to all of a sudden make them smart. Quite often they just increase the damage they do, their aim, their ability to dodge things, and how far they spot you from.

(Not saying U2's AI is dumb, I haven't played the game. This is just the way it is with most other games.)

UnSelf3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

the thing about FPSs' is that, its part of the dev's job when choosing to make a game in the FPS genre to immerse the player into the game through the games guns. Afterall its on the screen the entire time so part of the games main focus point would be that of the gun, which in other words is the games star attraction.

Conversely TPS like UC, are brilliant becuz of the sum of all its parts. You talk about one specific thing that a FPS is supposed to perfect naturally or at least aim to perfect, and comparing it to sumthing that a TPS is only suppose to produce intelligently. Coupling the usage of gunplay while using the other variables in a TPS' equation is what makes up a perfect TPS.

cmrbe3601d ago

Uncharted is a very different game from KZ2. GG wanted "war perfected" in KZ2. GG wanted KZ2 to be the most intense war game you ever play which they succesed in doing so. No other game can match KZ2 in intensity.

Uncharted 1 is different from that. ND wanted to make a game where you can explore,platform,shoot/cover, melee etc. i.e. Uncharted was not meant to be as intense as KZ2. Its not that type of game.

bnaked3601d ago

Its 2009. Killzone 2 has set a new benchmark for enemy AI. But in 2007, the Uncharted AI was pretty good.

bjornbear3601d ago

And i didn't think AI was all that bad, they flank, they cover when under fire, i found it fun =) Agree w the weapons, they feel a LITTLE "weak" but other than that, its AWSUM! I did notice that the MP beta the guns felt heavier so =D we'll c! TMORROWW!

FantasyStar3601d ago

Speaking of AI, does Halo not get a mention?

I remember in ODST, I was fleeing from Brutes and suddenly they pop up from the side ready to pounce. The Hammer Brute AI in ODST is ****ing relentless!

solar3601d ago

i just played a part in the beginning of UC2 where the AI made me sad face.

Myth3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

If you think the AI is dumb in UC1 then you were either playing on easy/normal mode or just a liar. Play it on hard or crushing and yes the AI does react different in the harder mode in UC1. It has some of the smartest AI ive seen in a game. Moving left in right to try and avoid my aim, flanking me, moving around me to rush me. Dude play it on crushing and i'll guaranty you will be sweating, it is intense.

raztad3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Thanks guys for all your responses.

I played UC1 in hard (my first play through). I'm yet to play it in crushing but Demons Souls totally got me so it will have to wait.

Well I know nothing about Major Nelson but he is a Major x360 supporter, so it was a bit of a surprise for me. Is this some kind of "White Flag" in the console wars? :D

You might be right. Definitely the FPS perspective helps a lot but at the same time the pace, intensity of the gunfire and smart enemies add to an intense gunplay I hadnt experienced before KZ2 (in a SP campaign).

Yeah. GG did "perfected" the war.

Sure. UC2 will be mine in a few days. Thanks.

Bathyj3601d ago

Thats how bad developers up the difficulty. I'm not disagreeing with you, all to often you are correct.

A sloppy AI wont get smarter to make the game harder, they will simply, make their shots more powerful/accurate, make your shots less powerful, give less health/ammo or put more enemies.

This is why I usually play a game on first, because I believe it was the level where the gameplay was balance out best. I remember playing Faycry on a harder level and where a headshot used to be an instant kill, it needed 2 or 3 to do the same job. Thats a cheats way up upping th ante. I dont mind more enemies, but stronger for no reason is a copout.

Good AI will simply make them smarter, and perform better strategically. i dont know yet if this is the cast with Uncharted, but heres hoping.

In 2 days, all my questions will be answered.

likedamaster3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

I disagree...

A recent example is Batman:AA. Play on Hard and the AI is much more alert and will spot you faster. It applies to most other games as well. Higher accuracy, alertness, etc. Few games DO take the easy way out though and just amp up the amount of damage you get.

moparful993600d ago

I got UC2 last nite. I beat it bout 4 hours ago, this is the best game I have ever played hands down.....

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artsaber3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Dear Miscreant,

I am glad you finally see what kinda games should be made for the 360. What DID you do with that 1 year head start I gave you?

................Father Time

@ Disagree-ers, by the way do any of you have the 1-800 number handy, my 360 is on the 3 red-ringed fritz again. XP

DMason3601d ago

It's people like you that give gamers a bad name.

Death3601d ago

He's the Director of Programming for Xbox Live. Like most people in the industry he plays games on competing platforms. This isn't just done for fun, it also keeps them better informed in what is going on in the industry. There is a great deal of respect among those in the industry. Most of the console wars are fought among the fans. It wasn't until the internet that marketing reps for the manufacturers got involved and most of what we see is for damage control caused by fans sites spreading misinformation.


Marquis_de_Sade3600d ago

Well the 360 has currently has 23 "AAA" games to the PS3's 16.