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Nintendo hardware and software take the top five positions in this week's best seller listings. Pokemon Diamond remains the top selling title while Halo 3 Legendary Edition jumps to fifth in the overall charts driven by the game's beta buzz. Click through for the software top tens by platform.

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bigmack4754d ago (Edited 4754d ago )

really shouldn't be asking you, but i want it so bad.
Don't get me wrong it's just that i haven't had it in such a long time.
i could already feel it going in so hard and coming out so soft and wet. No one has to know about this, i need it, i'm so desperate... u must think i have a lot of nerve asking you for this but i can feel my tongue around it, sucking all the juice out until there's no more left.
This has been on my mind all day long and i hope i'm not being too forward, i'm usually not this aggressive..........

but can I have a piece of gum :P

Robotz Rule4754d ago


Good to see H3 doing good though I'll just stick with the collectors ed,I got a PS3 too!

I love Resistance:FOM!

I'm nearly always(everyday)online,hit me up sometime!


DrWan4754d ago

It is very interesting trend the PS2 shows, the good games are coming back to the top again!

New and very late adaptors, probably former GC and xbox owners and new comers are now grabbing those classics again,

FFX came back up
Shadow of Collosum came back up as well!
GoW I sells better than GoW II (best hit and ppl wants to play the firstone while they wait for price drop of GoWII).

interesting huh?

lil bush4754d ago

well i think 1 is selling better at the moment is cause, that the people who havent played 1 wonna play it before they play 2.......