An analysis of Super Mario Galaxy's sales after its launch period.

VGChartz - Look at Those Legs Game of the Day - Super Mario Galaxy "Analyzing how Super Mario Galaxy has performed in weekly sales in the time since its strong launch period."

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EvilTwin3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

You could chalk up Galaxy doing so well partly due to the rarity of Mario platformers. He's the mascot that appears in nearly every type of other game (Party, Strikers, Brawl, Kart, Sluggers, etc. etc. etc.) for Nintendo, but big N is pretty darn selective about dedicated "real" Mario platformer games.

There were 6 years between Mario 64 and Sunshine, then 5 years between Sunshine and Galaxy. Even Galaxy 2 will have more than 3 years in development, and it's going to be a bit like an expansion pack.

So it's not like a big-time FPS franchise that appears every other year and gets huge first-day sales. People see Mario and eventually get around to the game, because they know it's going to be good.

na-no-nai3603d ago

so true man. lol im still planning to get galaxy; played it, love it but havent beaten it yet and i want that game before galaxy 2 come out

TrollSlayer3602d ago

with mario, its the name that is milked rather than the game