Halo 3 Merchandise Is On It's Way

Microsoft have today revealed that they have inked a deal with Enmon Accessories to bring a vast range of Halo 3 accessories to stores all across the globe.

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SuperSaiyan44290d ago (Edited 4290d ago )

Outside of the US? It better do as its soo expensive to buy HALO gear from Bungie directly and there is hardyly anything on ebay!

Can't wait for some top HALO 3 items if it comes to Europe also!

Edit: Just read the article and guess what! No details for Europe yay shafting as usual! So its true that across the globe only means USA makes me soo mad I want to use very foul words!!

gta_cb4290d ago

"to stores all across the globe." should mean to the rest of the world not just USA, infact if it turns out that it is just USA then it kinda makes me think they see USA as "the globe" aka the most important, high and almighty. and dont get me wrong as i know alot of users are from USA, but its not true, things should be available everywhere, especially if it says "to stores all across the globe."

gta_cb4290d ago

gonna be alot of halo fans buying this stuff, i would prob buy something, but i wouldnt go crazy although i know alot of people will.

omansteveo4290d ago

I'm getting a shirt to wear for the midnight launch at my work.