PSU: Brutal Legend Review

PSU - Back in the early 1970s, music meant something. The musicians were gods among screaming devout fans, flailing around on stage in quintessential glam-rock fashion. The world of metal was full of thick spike belts and armbands, devils, fire, horned beasts, and gothic figures. Behind the scenes of these epic metal concerts, the rock-gods were assisted by black-clothes-wearing roadies. The roadies had one important job – to make the metal musicians appear as gods for their adoring fans. They did this with the stealth of a ninja, cloaked by the shadows. A roadie could fix just about anything: a guitar, a drumhead, a fireworks display, a tour van, right down to the elaborate sets. However, as the years wore on, the music changed, metal changed, and the roadies were left pondering as to what happened to their once glorious demonic world.

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kaaos6663598d ago

This pos does not deserve a 9.5 im sorry it just does'nt.