You're a One-Man Bomb Squad… Jump! [Review]

"Microsoft's venture into the world have indie gaming, through their wonderful Indie Games channel, has been both a boon and a… well… misery for indie press like ourselves. The platform is great because it gives a huge distribution channel for indie developers on the second most popular console in the world. We're talking about access to millions of gamers, instantly. Sometimes the games are really good and other times the games are really… well… bad.

Luckily for us, we were given the opportunity today to review one of the good ones; Jump!

Jump!, by Arkedo Studios is a great indie game. In fact, it almost epitomizes exactly what an indie game should be. It's fun, has very quick yet addictive levels, has a very unique style to it, and a completely batshit insane story to go along with it. Yup, it has everything an indie game should have…"

-Geoff Gibson

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