inFamous 2 Confirmed via Voice Actor

Sucker Punch released their first PS3 title earlier this year with the release of inFamous. inFamous received high marks for the original plot and compelling story, but the gameplay was also a lot of fun and an overall enjoyable experience.Wasting no time, Sucker Punch is all ready working on the sequel. Or so it would seem.

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Darkeyes3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Great news.... (High 5s all round)..

Hope Infamous at least wins best new IP of 09.... It really was a good game. Would love to see Infamous 2 going head to head with Crackdown 2. Maybe SP will incorporate multi-player in the sequel.

MattyF3598d ago

It was a really good game. I think it surprised a lot of people, actually.

PoSTedUP3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

I wish I had the time to play it, alot of people said it was really good. the second one should be awesom.

SupaPlaya3598d ago

Dexter Bennett from Spiderman's voice:

"You don't want to be famous??"
"I'll make you Infamous!"

Johnny Jiron3598d ago

I loved the story a lot. Was up there amongst super hero stories in movies and comics. I may have gotten bored with the gameplay but it was plenty good enough to get me through it and want more.

W831Liquidsnake3598d ago

The PS3 is going to beat the Xbox to death and teach it a lesson

erathaol3598d ago

I figured they would go the Uncharted route and dive straight into the squeal. With the movie in production and the engine freshly made to tinker with, they would easily be able to not only improve the game but have a greater success with overall sales on the second round. It would only get easier from here on out as the machine of game production is well oiled but many naysayers said Jax 4 was to be the next game (as the hint in inFamous threw a great few off).

I just hope they'll ask for advice from Naughty Dog again and maybe even talk to the people working on Agent & Yakuza 4.

bjornbear3598d ago

Considering how Infamous ends. Damn cool =D I LOVE it, and tbh, i think it should have GoTY nomination at LEAST! because it blew me away =)

red5ive3598d ago

it would be amazing if true. i HOPE it's not just speculation.

umair_s513598d ago

Another exclusive to look for too

Darkstorn3598d ago

What!? No Sly Cooper...
I'm NOT happy about this. Infamous was a very good game, but it didn't match Sly Cooper in terms of fun factor.

AKNAA3598d ago

From Killzone to Killzone 2 (ridiculous Jump in visual quality!)
from Uncharted to Uncharted 2 ( Simply amazing seeing the difference)

And now... just imagine the quality leap we're gonna see with Infamous 2!!! I know its going to be amazing and just blow our minds like what uncharted 2 has done!

Xbox Avatars Shoe3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

How can you not make a sequel to such an amazing game? inFAMOUS's ending was outstanding! Shocking and satisfying. I wouldn't expect anything less from such a great developer like Sucker Punch.

"yet the thing that drove him forward, Kessler's sole link to the past, was a picture form his wedding day, when he married Trish, with Zeke as his best man." ... "He'd come back in time to mold me into the savior he failed to be." ... "But when the time comes, I WILL be ready!"

*****END SPOILER*****

I still get chills when I think of that!

40cal3598d ago

And we all knew it was coming.

TheDeadMetalhead3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

It's better than Killzone 2. Seriously.

Ravage273598d ago

Spoilers are flying around everywhere :p

Then again...if you STILL have not played inFamous....what the hell are you waiting for?

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Nitrowolf23598d ago

I loved Infamouse
one of the best game i've played this year
Toward the end of the game when, (i already forgot his name) reveal he is cole in the future and was preparing him for a battle, that was an awesome thing to do for a twist. Personally i thought he was Cole father or brother*****SPOILER ENDS*****
Can't wait for this next one, i love the art diretion they went with for the cutscenes

PirateThom3598d ago

I'm really glad I avoided all spoilers about it, but I had guessed the same as you and was blown away at the twist.

Nitrowolf23598d ago

^^thxs i knew it was something like that. was thinking aiden i think thats the other villain name

creeping judas3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

*****************SPOILER ALERT************************* ************
Kessler did not reveal that Cole was Kessler. After Cole defeated Kessler he found some of his own belongins on Kessler including a picture of his wedding, and he realized he was Kessler.
*****************SPOILER ALERT************************* ************

@ ih Swe - sorry about that.

himdeel3598d ago

...Spend some time with the pooches at Naught Dog and spit shine the bejebus out of your engine and game.

Your Truly

inFamous Fan


lh_swe3598d ago

could you please encase your comment in some warnings AS IT CONTAINS SPOILERS! thanks

Nitrowolf23598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

nope if you remember, after cole defeated him, he was lying on the ground, Then kessler swooped up and dugged his fingers into Cole face, imprinting those image of his own memory into cole mind engraving them in there. Cole just realized it, what Kressler was trying to show. idk i guess you can say he found it out, but it was kessler we showed him that he was him.
Cole never found belonging on kessler, That picture was part of the memory Kessler was imprinting on Coles

cmrbe3598d ago

The beast i think is John that was killed when the sphere was destroyed. Either that or he is actually Aldens father.

Infamous has the best story of 2009 for me. Its really amazing because its really hard to guess where it will go with Part 2 although i have a feeling it might go back before the events of Infamous 1.

The thing is Cole/Kessler actually had a different past as he actually got married and had children. There are alot of events in the past that is unknown. Where is the sphere really from?. How did the events in the coles alternate past came about?. Kessler said that he had the power to stop the beast then but he ran away with his family. Where did he get his original powers from then?. Will Infamous 2 allow you to time travel since its one of Kesslers powers?. I am really really looking forward to Infamous 2.

**End Spoiler*****

Those who havent bought infamous should buy it.

Nitrowolf23598d ago

Well technicly no one knows if john was killed, i don't think he is aldon father(where you get that from?)
Plus there is still one more guy (i think) that they don't cover, only in a message john gave. It was that big huge man who was beating john up cause he couldn't use his mind to move stuff. That sounds like aldon, but aldon is not a huge person, more like a weak looking oldman.
John is not gone im sure he isn't Sucker punch will bring him back some way. I mean to have the main person that you are trying to capture all of a sudden die like that, i dont think so. The sphere is a mystery, cause your right where did kessler get his powers? The sphere was developed by Kessler. The family thing might be easy to explain, Kessler obviousely went back in time decades ago, and he killed Trish before Cole and her could ever get married. So kessler came before they got married. Its just the power thing you are talking about, that gots me wondering also.

cmrbe3598d ago

No i said either John or Alden's father is the beast. John was vapourized so physically he should be dead. When Kessler went back he accelerated the development of the sphere but where was it originally from?.

From Kesslers story his powers seem to be from the sphere as well. The events in the past mirrored what happened in Infamous 1 in that a sphere then exploded and gave people like Kessler powers. The difference was that Kessler fled with his family and left others to die at the hands of the beast. Before too long he was too late to stop the beast and why he went back to change the past. Kessler married Trish and had children in the past. All of them except for Kessler eventually died at the hands of the beast.


wow u guys have the story all over the place and have me lost.
From were i see it; John doesn't die , he probably time traveled into the future and fought or helped cole (depending ur choice of good or evil).Cole gets the power to time travel, saves trish from dying...........i think im losing myself. Cant w8 for the sequel

UnSelf3598d ago

what just may happen is that in part 2 u go back to the past, and the way the new KArma system works is, ur choices make u become Kessler of the present or a new Cole that kills the beast

badz1493598d ago

some things remain mysterious in the story and it screams "inFAMOUS 2" right after you finished the game! I'm looking forward to it and hopefully it will come sometime as early as christmas 2010! ND did finished Uncharted 2 which is a major upgrade from the 1st in lesss than 2 years, so I think Sucker Punch can do it too with inFAMOUS 2!

*************************** SPOILER ****************************** ***
who's the beast? Kessler said that he had the power to stop the beast but he didn't do it and finally got his family killed by the beast and maybe the beast's followers. he just showed that he travel back in time after his family's death to accelerate the process of making the sphere and find Cole , but what happen to the beast then? he clearly mentioned "accelerate", which means somebody (most probably John) was already making the sphere before he came. ending the game as a Hero, makes it easy to expect that the sequel will feature the beast coming, but while infamous, the city is already ruined by Cole himself, and it contradicted the future which Kessler was in! what good will the beast do then?
************************ SPOILER ****************************** ******

ia_studio3598d ago

Shut it with the damn Spoilers

Why doesn't a game news site doesn't have a (show spoiler) tag??????????????????????? huh why!?

It's hard to avoid reading!!!!!!

lh_swe3598d ago

No problem, easy mistake to make, thanks for listening and happy fragging :)

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James Bond3598d ago

Another nail in 360's box.

Aquarius3598d ago

...another year of OWNAGE from the Playstation.

AliTheBrit3598d ago

Oh Please, People have been saying "another nail in xbox/ps3 coffin" since 2007 on this website, get real pal.

Saaking3598d ago

2008- LBP (GOTY), MGS4, Resistance 2
2009- KZ2, inFAMOUS, UC2 (GOTY), Demon's Soul, R&C ACiT
2010- GOWIII (Maybe GOTY), The Last Guardian (Maybe GOTY), GT5 (Maybe GOTY), Agent (Maybe GOTY), Heavy Rain, MAG

Wow, it's getting better every year for PS3 owners.

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Stationfan3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Great cant wait, i expect the game to be leaps and bounds over the first one now that Sucker Punch has gotten theyre feet wet with the first.

I would love some co-op missions, maybe like a mini game were you have to race to a certain point of the map against an online foe grinding thru powerlines, and maybe once in awhile you sabotage your foe by using that air vortex thing to push him down a building LOL.

EDIT, i always wondered what that great big mass of land was to the left of the map, i always expected like a DLC were it would add another island.