New Smash Bros Dojo opens with new screens & music credits

So no trailer or huge character reveal but the new Smash Bros Dojo has launched, so whats new about it? Well most of it currently is unavailable and its likely more and more will be released closer towards release but what is up there is some new screenshots of the game, nothing to too fancy but the game is looking great and the stage changes time during the day. You can play at night, dawn, dusk or during the day and it will different. Also listed is a list of musicians and composers working on the music of the game and it's a mighty fine list located there.

The site will be updated weekly with new information.

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ITR4754d ago

Finally, some info!

Those screenshots look really good.

I see Kazumi Totaka.
(Hidden Totaka song???)

Nintendo needs to sell a limited edition version with a soundtrack.
I'd buy that for sure.

SSBB will hit a million sold fast.

PhinneousD4754d ago

that one stage has time of day change, as the battle progresses the lighting alters the atmosphere. i'm soo stoked about this game. oh yes, i did say 'stoked'. ;-P

M_Prime4754d ago

finally a lil info, and yeah the time of day things looks pretty cool. I wonder if it will be on the system clock, set-able or random.. or all 3? which in that case i would set it to system clock.

i can't wait until more sections open up and i must say i like the MENU1 song, its the old smash bros theme song but with a lot more added to it.

also if u watch the NINTENDO WORLD MOVIE you get a hint about the change of time in the maps as well as FOX confirmed for a return (which i did not know about, but i just figured)

i must admit.. i am EXCITED though i don't like the "PLANNED FOR 2007 RELEASE" but i do like the "

Smash Bros. DOJO Launches with Daily Weekday Updates!"

ItsDubC4754d ago

Wow, that composer lineup is INSANE. No official release date, but at least the website will get weekly updates.

Just like everyone else, I can't wait for this game to be released. Anyone hear anything about how the controls will work (aside from the fact that the controller will be held horizontally like a traditional controller)?