Ars reviews Brutal Legend: more opening band than headliner

ARS: Here's what people are going to remember about Brutal Legend: Jack Black as Eddie Riggs. This isn't a star showing up and talking into a microphone for a bullet point on the back of the box and a nice paycheck on the way out of the studio, this is a performance with real heart. Black introduces the game in a quick video when you first place the disc in, and he's been working publicity for the title like a champ-all these things add up to make his vocal work one of the high points of the game.

Of course, when you're speaking the words of the now-legendary Tim Schafer, the mind behind the dialog in games like Full Throttle, Grim Fandango, and Psychonauts, it helps. This is a man who wrote a game that's a love letter to heavy metal music; it's no surprise he and Jack Black were such a tight fit when it came to making the game as fun to listen to and watch as it is.

The problem is that the game simply isn't very fun to play.

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