CVG: Brütal Legend Review

For every dull moment there's a blistering set-piece with a brilliantly orchestrated piece of ear-burning metal. Or an amazing view to gaze at on the world map. Or a celebrity cameo to snigger at (including Lemmy, Ozzy and Jack Black's partner Kyle from Tenacious D). Or just something else to laugh at. The story is great, the characters are likeable and it's utterly unique. It's just a great shame the core mechanics here are so disappointing.

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DonCorneo3596d ago


IGN gave it a good score because it's on the 3fixme and they want it to steal some thunder from Uncharted 2 GOTMFY

they have been kissing m$a$$ since they gave gaylo ODLC 9 and flopza a 9..4