New Halo 3 Gameplay

New gameplay video featuring the new Halo 3 Banshee.

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power of Green 4257d ago (Edited 4257d ago )

Why can't i ever play that map whats it called?. Is it something to do with me being level 2-10?, can you pic what map you're going to play and if i don't get an reply i guess its back to watching the menu listening to the Epic music, Man it makes me want to finish the fight, has an Emotional tone to it on a Epic scale.

iHeretic4257d ago

The new Banshee looks really cool.

DirtyRat4257d ago

Some sweet moves there, defo a nice improvement

PhinneousD4257d ago

more hard to reach snipers on valhalla.

candystop4257d ago

Is it me or does the banshee look super sexy now but handle terribly! I love this game to death but every so often xboxlive with Halo becomes this racist fest and I notice a lot of people don't talk because of it! It's ashame people can't enjoy a game like this to it's fullest and I wonder if Sony fans witness the same kind of inappropriate behavior from a bunch of nobody's! With the new record feature it will be interesting to see how Bungie and MS handle these few people that don't speak for everyone but only themselves! The record feature alone is something halo has over any other shooter period!

THAMMER14257d ago

I think there are too many people in the modern world who have had poor upbringings. I feel as a parent that those people have had their minds shaped by ignorance and do not know how to deal with people out side of what they see in the face of the mirror and friends and family.

I'm black and soon as I speak you can tell. So I deal with allot of flack from white people on line. But I make up for there ignorance by beating them sinless. Some times that negative energy causes me to go on rampages of 10 - 15 kills. I just rub it in to make them feel even more inferior to a BLACK MAN. Ya know Black man, Shoe size, Deep voice, ya mama likes it deep, and stuff like that.

I once had a rumble pit mach that went sour after my 1st 3 kills. I got a double kill and was like "YEAH BABY!!” then every guy in the room started yelling N#@@er and I just rampaged and won the mach by 15 kills. I bet they will never for get the day that THAMMER1 walked on that @SS. I wish racist of all colors were publicly maimed by way of a sledge hammer to the shins and shoulder blades.

Keyser4257d ago

I know how you feel THAMMMER, I have the same issues. Beating them is always the best medicine. I feel sorry for them.

omansteveo4257d ago

I feel you...sometimes i get so frustrated i dont play with a headset. I mean seriously "whats the bases we aint goin no where but gap suits and cases"

Adriokor4257d ago

I haven t seen much bratty behaviour on Sony, I hope the price point stays up high so little kids can t get on....

Halo looks fun, I might get it.

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The story is too old to be commented.