PerezStart Review: Brütal Legend, A Roadie All The Way

In one of the most original openings to a video game I can remember, Jack Black's performance of Eddie Riggs was the perfect celebrity to promote Tim Schafer's Brütal Legend. Previously working for LucasArts on titles such as Monkey Island, Grim Fandango and Day of The Tentacle with also a passion for music allowed EA to fully back Schafer with this "fantasy world" of a heavy metal video game. The introduction crosses over from video to video game and uses a vinyl record as it's cover as the menu. Very cool! We've all seen cheesy transitional videos, but Double Fine's transfer is seamless and done in Rock Fashion. Will Jack Blacks performance convince you comedians CAN be funny in video games? Hell F-in Yes!


Jack Black
80’s Metal Rock theme
Really funny
RTS in Rock band concert like feel
Voice acting

Lack of jumping
Minor glitches

Final Thought: The “It has it all game” has arrived in Heavy Metal ass kickin glory, Brütal Legend. Including; Free roam play, driver, Real-Time Strategy, Music and of course Comedy. For once I can say here’s a different type of game that combines all the elements to make a great game. For once I am applauding a game for introducing “Save and Exit” option avoiding the much annoyed “Any unsaved progress will be lost” after just a “Save”. For Metal fans, and those who enjoy a good solid all-in-one game, Rock On!

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