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TPG writes: "Fans of driving games will probably get a great amount of enjoyment from Gran Turismo PSP. It's fast and fun and incredibly realistic. Fans of the series will feel let down though. Not building in a career mode into such a detailed game is a huge gamble in the current climate especially when Sony are already going out on a limb with the PSP Go. It is bold to take a risk and Gran Turismo may just find some new fans from this effort but they will do so at the expense of a whole lot of existing ones."

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wondroushippo3294d ago

You mean we waited five frakking years for this game and got no career mode? Et tu, Sony?

bgrundman3294d ago

Yeah, it was originally supposed to be a PSP launch title.

wondroushippo3294d ago

Yeah, this game easily has the longest dev cycle of any PSP game. Now Devil May Cry PSP is contender to the throne. I still believe!

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Ven10003294d ago

it's Jay Leno doing the voice overs if you didn't know.

Anorexorcist3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

You know what? I had a feeling it was Jay when I had played GT PSP at a Gamestop kiosk, but since those stupid little kids at Gamestop who always hang around the store and play, but don't buy anything were rushing me I couldn't really tell.

It makes sense though since Jay is one of the biggest car junkies in the world. I just wonder if it took little to no negotiation from Sony to get Jay to agree to do the game.

Wouldn't it be awesome if there was a complete digital representation of Jay Leno's entire garage in Gran Turismo 5. I would love to see his W.O. Bentley in action in GT5.

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bgrundman3294d ago

This was a huge disappointment. What were you thinking Sony!?!

Nitrowolf23294d ago

Um 5 years?
idk but was the psp even around that long?
plus wasn't this game just revealed this year?

PirateThom3294d ago

Gran Turismo 4 Mobile and Gran Turismo are two different games.

Gran Turismo 4 Mobile was supposed to have a full career mode, Gran Turismo was supposed to be more party play focused.

Close_Second3294d ago

...ignore a majority of the reviews and purchased the game have been enjoying what is easily the best portable racing game out there. Those who listen to the reviews and moan about no career mode (like I did initially) are missing out.

Play the game and you'll love it!