Alan Wake: Four Looks in Five Years

Split-Screen: "Remedy Entertainment stirred the hype when they announced Alan Wake in 2005 as an exclusive for XBox 360. Since then, the game has undergone numerous delays and re-workings in both the main character's appearance and the overall art-style of the game. Each subsequent reveal of the game has been spread between 2005, 2006 and 2008 with the game's 'final' look revealed in 2009. A release date of 2010 has been announced but until then, check out how the game has undergone it's transformations in what will culminate in more than 5 years of trailers and teasers."

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Strikepackage Bravo3601d ago

the difference between the first and the last pics is pretty vast indeed.

Blaze9293601d ago

Yeah and for the better. Can't wait for this freakin game.

Bnet3433601d ago

I hope they add paranormal type things into the game. I want a really good horror game that can scare the crap outta ya already and I'm going to have to bank on Alan Wake for now. Hope it's good.

kaveti66163601d ago

What do you think this game is about?

Major_Tom3601d ago

This games about how scary alone in the dark is.

kaveti66163601d ago

Tom, if you consider yourself a gamer, why do you feel the need to bash a game that happens to be made by an excellent developer, and just happens to be exclusive to the Xbox 360? So what? I had only an Xbox 360 for 2 years before I bought a PS3, and during that time when all those wonderful games were being released for the PS3, I was not saying anything negative. How about you stop being this way. Just don't say anything at all.

ShabzS3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

it'll be kick ass for sure

the last look is much much better... the first one just looks lame

Godmars2903601d ago

The thing is, do you know which are the old and new pics?

Major_Tom3600d ago

High five for gamers who take take themselves too seriously and are like all >_< about video games.

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Tony P3601d ago

I like the initial model. Seems like with every redesign his features get a bit more stereotypical: heavy brow, angular features, squarer chin. Not a bad design...but why have an unconventional protagonist look like a male model?

AnttiApina3601d ago

Games usually tend to go through a huge transformation over the time.

Like Max Payne... Did you know that the Bullet time was actually implemented few weeks before release and that Max was originally fighting MONSTERS?!

free2game3653601d ago

Alan Wake wasn't announced "exclusive for the Xbox 360" it was announced originally for the PC and "consoles" and then Microsoft picked it up and it became a PC/360 game, and then the PC version was canceled. Do any of these crappy blogs do any research at all?

AnttiApina3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

It still has some sandbox elements in the game. While the game is going to be less open, there are still sequences in the game, where you can freely roam in a certain area.

You could compare it to Zelda, where there are many linear areas in a one big world.

Edit: Nice... Disagree in under thirty seconds? That must be a new record

bnaked3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

I know, i was fast..

The open areas are in most other games.. It's not any kind of open world.. MGS4 is similar. There are huge areas, but it's still linear. But imo linear games are the best! COD4, Uncharted, Gears2, Half Life 2, ...

SlumTheoRy3601d ago

Why would you want a full sandbox game in a psychological action thriller? Remedy has stated that they do not want to 'compete' with games like Grand Theft Auto. Remedy has always aimed Alan Wake to have a deep and thrilling story, for that reason, you must follow a linear path. How are you supposed to enjoy a deep and well written story, when the player is given a sandbox world and is free to do anything they want?!

Kimbo Slice3601d ago

we were talking about changes it has gone through...

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BreakNeckSpeed3601d ago

The '09 shots have the most details.

James Bond3601d ago

Have fun beta testing this for us bots.

chrisulloa3601d ago

Have fun waiting and realizing it's not going to come to your console.

Chubear3601d ago

lol, you say that like the PS3 base give a damn for Alone in the Dark2 lol. Dont' worry, you can keep this gimped arsed game and hail it to high heaven seeing as it's virtually the only exclusive the 360 has gotten out side of halo in forever.

Saaking3601d ago

I really don't care for Alan Wait. After it was announced the VASTLY superior PC version was on hold it became just another gimped game for the lamebox.

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The story is too old to be commented.