Brutal Legend - Final Review (PlanetXbox360)

From the feature review:

"Who wants to rock out with their…best air guitar out? Well if you answered yes, then Brutal Legend may be right up your alley. There's no title on the Xbox 360 that gives the metalheads as much to love as Brutal Legend does. From appearances of Ozzy Osbourne to Lemmy, the lead singer of Motorhead, Brutal Legend is a long-lived fantasy come true for anyone who has picked up a guitar and wanted to shred as hard or as fast as Dave Murray from Iron Maiden or Tony Iommi from Black Sabbath. Tim Schafer, the mastermind behind Brutal Legend, has continued his clever ways of telling a wonderful story mixed in with charming humor. Playing as Eddie Riggs – voiced by none other than Jack Black himself – the single-player campaign of Brutal Legend is cheerfully amusing till the bitter end. Once Riggs finds himself ejected from the real world and walking about in a fantasy world that is ruled by the dark Lord Diviculus, the campaign of Brutal Legend never let's up for gamers to catch their breath. If there's a moment where boredom is about to set in, the game barges in and transplants them in a new scenario that is fresh and full of vigor."

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Valkyrie833594d ago

Game is a lot of fun, has a ton of different types of gameplay in it (action, RTS, and driving) - make sure to pick it up today if your at all interested; well done Schafer!

UltimaEnder3594d ago

Agree with the reviewer, game is fantastic but has a couple shortcomings that keep it from being a 90% or above; still a great job overall by the developers and Jack Black is hilarious!

Caspel3594d ago

no doubt about that -- Jack Black is one funny dude.