Top 10 Things Every WoW Player Should Know (but Probably Doesn't)

Bright Hub writes: "I have been playing World of Warcraft on and off since the game launched back in 2004. WoW is such a massive game, however, that I'm still continually discovering things I didn't know were possible within the game. Judging by multiple forum threads devoted to the same subject, I'm reasonably sure I'm not the only one who finds himself continually discovering new shortcuts or functions within the game, so it seemed appropriate to share some of the WoW secrets I've discovered.

Find out how to switch between walking and running, show health bars for nearby mobs, change chat colors, buy from vendors a stack at a time, and other obvious things that many players may have missed."

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Muckbeast3601d ago

That is a very handy list for WoW players new and old.


Glamis3601d ago

Indeed. I am sure some hardcore folks will say "yeah we know that" but it is a very helpful article for beginner and intermediate players.

monkey6023600d ago

I'm new to WoW so it's nice to know these things

john master lee3600d ago

I found this to very useful. When your bags are full, but you still have good stuff you don't want to throw away, go to any mailbox and give it to your alt character. Use your alt character to then either sell the item, post up in the auction house, or store it away in a vault for you. Much better than you running back to town all the time.

kaveti66163600d ago

There is a sun outside. In fact, there is an entire world outside of WoW. I believe that is something that most WoW players should know, but probably don't.

Graffin3600d ago

You're probably right. ;)