GGN: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (PS3) Video Review

GGN writes: "I've been waiting for this game ever since Uncharted: Drake's Fortune came out in 2007, and I know that a lot of you have as well. Needless to say, the sequel doesn't disappoint! Without further ado, here's my review of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves!"


*Spoiler Alert*
Some spoilers within.

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lh_swe3601d ago

A lot of cutscenes and information that might be far to revealing in this review, at least it felt that way to me-

Bren863601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

thanks for the warning, ALL the video reviews have spoilt the game for me is this a new trend or something, specially gamespots and gametrailers, bastards.

himdeel3601d ago

...bubbles. I was just about to click when I read your post. I'm only 30 minutes away from playing the game now and so please I didn't watch that.

AKNAA3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

How you ask? well, I'll share you my story...
I bought Arkham asylum at wal-mart on release date, which gave you this one day awesome deal of $38.99, then goes back up to $59.99 the next day and As much as I wanted to open and play it, I found out that uncharted 2 was about to be released within a month. So instead of opening my batman game, I held on to it till this day and returned it back to wal-mart.
I told the customer service lady that I lost the receipt, but was wondering if I can just exchange it for another game?
she said, okay no problem... SO I grabbed uncharted 2 and guess what?! she scanned batman:AA as regular price of $59.99!! Lol!
so when I swapped the games, I basically got uncharted for what I paid for batman:AA $45.00 with tax.
ah.. what a Great Day...

lh_swe3601d ago


Have fun with Uncharted 2, picking up my copy today or tomorrow (all work and no play).

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zoks3103601d ago

!!!!!!!!!spoiler Alert!!!!!!!!!!!

Why do reviewers do this? they review the game with video footage of the games main story without any warning... Why don't they just show multiplayer gameplay if they want to show gameplay footage. I guess it's true what they say about videogame journalists, they are very unprofessional.

sikbeta3601d ago

After the review of Gamestop I'll not see it, tell me if they write something stupid

sikbeta3601d ago

After the video review of Gamestop I'll not see it, tell me if they write something stupid