GB: Fifa 10 Review

GB writes: "October is not October without a EA Sport's Fifa release and this has become a routine for some years now. In the recent years Fifa series has been revolutionized dramatically. All this started from the release of current generation consoles, Fifa continued to improve year by year and now with the 4th installation of Fifa on current consoles(excluding Euro 2008), we can safely say it is the ultimate football fan's dream. Fifa 10 sets the standards hard to follow by the competitors from now on."

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Assassin Nawabi3595d ago

wonder how konami will respond with pes

gameseveryday3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

its going to be another flop hands down!

Go Gaming Giant3595d ago

never really liked soccer games

gameseveryday3595d ago

no offence but m surprised!

Ziriux3595d ago

@ Matt Jo (GGG)

Yea, never really liked your lousy comments on What is wrong with soccer, have valid reasons for your dislike if you are going to post a comment that has no thought behind it, don't post at all.

Ziriux3595d ago

I've seen nothing but amazing scores from this game recently. EA has listened to us and has improved within their animation, gameplay and over all experience. I remember a few years back I lost faith in FIFA from EA, but after playing this I can see they care as to what their releasing.